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May 5 2017

Year 3


Year 3 Summer Term 2017

We will be writing a recount of our fantastic day at Celtic Harmony.  We will be exploring the messages, morals and lessons from fables.  This is then closely followed by the study of cautionary tales where children will heed the warnings in the tales before writing their own.   We will be reading and writing adventure stories looking at settings and plots.  We will be developing twists and turns in our own stories.  Before half term we will be preparing for a 2 minute talk about the Romans-more details to follow.


We will begin the term by revisiting the written method of multiplication and division.  A secure knowledge of times tables is essential. We will look at calculating fractions of amounts and adding fractions with the same denominator. We will then move on to comparing and ordering fractions.  Some of our Maths will be completed alongside units, ‘We are researchers and Communicators’ in Computing.

Science – Light and Shadow

We will be investigating how light travels and how shadows are made in life, man-made settings, and nature.  We look at how shadows change throughout the day.


This term we are studying rules and how they influence decisions in both Christianity and Islam.


We are studying the United Kingdom with a focus on our local area.  We will be town planners as we redesign Southdown!  Our History topic of Romans links to our Geography topic, particularly when we look at the Roman town of Verulamium.


We will be focusing on sculpture and mosaic design


We will be discussing how to develop and maintain relationships.  We also discuss how we feel when change happens for example: managing transition into Year 4.

This term we will be undertaking our second section of gymnastics, focussing on creating sequences and transitioning between balances. We will also be learning about striking and ball and net games through tennis, rounders and cricket. Following this we will be learning about the different athletics events and how to take part in these.

Polite Reminder
As the weather is still unpredictable, please ensure that your child is wearing a named jumper or cardigan and has a jacket in their bag.  Both boys and girls will also need a pair of socks for PE.

Water should be brought into school every day!
We thank you so much for all of your hard work and support and look forward to another exciting term!


Welcome to Year 3! 

In English we are studying poetry. The children will be identifying the  common features of different poems and will learn how to write in a variety of styles.  In addition they will develop their understanding of how poems can be performed.

In addition we will be looking at fairy tales, explanation texts and reports.

As part of our homework we have created some Wanted Posters of fairy tale characters that you may know. Take a look!

scan0009 scan0007 scan0005 scan0001 scan0002 scan0003

Spellings: The children will be set weekly spellings. You may also wish to look at the first 100 high frequency words. See the link below.

We will continue to work on the four main aspects from the new Primary Curriculum this term, including:  Number and Place Value, Fractions, Measurement and Geometry. We will begin by focusing on place value and the number system, including rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. We will then move on to calculating and working towards the formal written methods of addition and subtraction, division and multiplication.
We will continue to work on rapid recall of times tables up to 12×12.

We will further develop our investigation and problem solving skills, by taking part in mathematical investigations. This will enable us to apply our new skills and focus on working systematically.

Why not try the following investigation as a family at home.

What answers can you find?

Board with 16, 17, 23, 40, 39, 24.





Throw a 100

There is to be a grand prize at the ring toss booth for the person who can score exactly 100 with 10 rings or fewer.

More than one ring can land on a number.
The numbers are those shown on the board.

Can you score 100? Is there more than one way to do it?

For games and further activities linked to our learning, log on to: ,

Times tables fun

In addition we have been looking at shape and space. Take a look at some of our posters to identify shapes and angles.

scan0005 scan0006 scan0007

Science: Forces and Magnets

In this unit we will learn:

  • that there are forces of attraction or repulsion between magnets.
  • that forces compress and stretch springs and elastic bands.
  • that these forces have direction and can vary in size
  • that some materials are attracted to magnets
  • Enquiry Skill Focus:

  • making simple predictions
  • planning what evidence to collect
  • interpreting evidence and using it to draw conclusions

We are Presenters.

Do your children love watching sport or other performances on TV? This unit gives them a chance to make a short narrated video of themselves

practising a sport or other skill, and to use this to help improve their performance.

In this unit the children will:

  • gain skills in shooting live video, such as framing shots, holding the camera steady, and reviewing.
  • edit video, including adding narration and editing clips by setting in/out points.
  • understand the qualities of effective video, such as the importance of narrative, consistency, perspective and scene length.


Software and tools

Movie Maker is a free download from Microsoft:

iMovie is available for the Mac:; and iOS devices:

Online tutorials

Movie Maker overview:

iMovie tutorial:

ART: Water Colour

In this unit we will explore how to use water colour paints. The children will develop their understanding of how to use and mix colours through the use of their sketch books.

The children will then use their understanding of water colours to paint a landscape picture showing a view from a window. These we hope to share with other schools through our E-Twinning project.

Here are some examples of our paintings so far.

scan0006    scan0005  scan0004

                       scan0007              scan0003

scan0001                scan0002


We are looking at events in the life of Jesus. Through this topic we will look to answer the following questions:

What was Jesus' life like? What stories did Jesus tell? What did Jesus do? How did Jesus overcome temptation? How do Christians celebrate Lent and Easter?

If you have any books to support the children with their studies please send them in and allow the children to share their resources and understanding of this subject. 

In History we will be learning about the key events throughout the Bronze and Iron age. We will learn about the Bronze age religion, technology and travel. 

We will then move on to look at the Iron age hill forts, tribal kingdoms art and culture.

On Monday 21st March we will visit Celtic Harmony

Children should bring a packed lunch with them.

As children will be dressing up, please see guidance below for appropriate clothing as keeping warm and dry is the priority, especially with our unpredictable weather.









 1. Use a rectangle of material (A tartan picnic blanket), fold in half and cut a semi circle out at one end to put head through.

2. Use a long, thin piece of material to tie around the waist.

3. Trousers are plain and worn baggy.

4. Outdoor shoes, leather boots or wellingtons under trousers.


1. Either a long plain coloured dress, or a plain shirt with a long plain skirt.

2. Fold a Tartan picnic blanket in half length-ways, and wrap over shoulder.

3. Use a long, thin piece of material to tie around the waist.

4. Outdoor shoes, leather boots or wellingtons under the dress/skirt.


Please dress your child for the weather, as they will be outside. They should wear outdoor shoes or wellingtons, warm clothes and raincoats as well as their costumes.  


SAQ and Football.

In football the children will be learning to pass and recieve the ball accurately, dribble and shoot. They will also learn tatcticts to attact and defend. They will then put these into practise playing small sided games.

Polite Reminder
As the weather is still unpredictable, please ensure that your children have a full PE kit in school which includes a jumper/sweatshirt and trousers.  Girls will also need a pair of socks if they wear tights.

Spellings will be set on a Monday and collected in on a Friday.
Planners/ Reading records will be taken in weekly to review the previous weeks reading. You should be reading a minimum of 3 times a week.
Learning logs will be set on alternate Thursdays where the children must choose one task and complete it, returning it to school by the following Wednesday.
English in form of a worksheet and My Maths will be set on the alternate weeks where the learning log is not set.

This weekend you could take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch and contribute to the world’s largest wildlife survey!

Count birds for an hour and tell us what you see.

I hope this helps.

We are really looking forward to an exciting and interesting term!

Miss Parr          Mrs Clarke         Mr Mortimer        Mr Cockcroft.