The Grove Junior School
Dark Lane
Tel:01582 760031
October 16 2015

School Council


School Council – What do we do?

At The Grove Junior School two responsible children are selected by each class teacher to be the School Councillors from September to February. Between February and July two different children represent each class; they have put themselves forward and are voted for by their peers (after presenting a manifesto), to be on the School Council.


We have talked about a variety of different subjects including: walk to school safety, Children in Need. We often talk about events that will happen soon, and suggest ideas.

What we say

After our meetings, we talk to our classes about questions. These might include: what the theme is for Children in Need, how to ensure safety on the way to school, and extra information.

Being a School Councillor is fun and we love to take on everyone’s ideas. We like doing our job and are enjoying the meetings very much.