The Grove Junior School
Dark Lane
Tel:01582 760031
October 16 2015

The Groverneers



The Groverneers are the school council for The Grove Junior School. In January 2022, the school council members asked the children and staff to vote through a democratic process for a new name for the council. The Groverneers with the strapline ‘Pioneers for The Grove’ was the most popular and this is now how we refer to our school council.

The Groverneers consist of two members from each class in the school meaning there are a total of 24 children. The Groverneers are encouraged to strive to bring innovative, helpful and exciting ideas and events to the school for the children and to represent the pupils in a democratic way.

Actions and Projects this year 2023-2024:

  • Setting up Acts of Kindness boxes for each classroom
  • Visiting The Houses of Parliament to learn about democracy and the history of our government
  • Community Action Day/Charity Fundraising
  • Building links with a local residential home for the elderly
  • Presenting to classes on online safety
  • Leading on school improvement suggestions from the pupils