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March 18 2016

Primary Mathematics Challenge

Giuseppe Loporchio

MathsWhat is the “Primary Mathematics Challenge”? What happens during it? I will explain everything.

The Primary Mathematics Challenge (PMC) is just what it sounds like: A mathematics challenge for primary schools. Miss Tucker’s maths group and Mrs Berry’s maths group entered. Each person is given a paper which has maths questions on it – 25 of them. The PMC is all about logic – most people will be able to answer them, if they think about it. Mrs Berry’s entire maths group earned one of three certificates – bronze, silver or gold. Two of Miss Tucker’s won certificates too (bronze) which is very good when the paper contains things you don’t know about!

Just three people won gold certificates – Ollie B, Emma-Beth and Leilani. Emma-Beth and Leilani went on to the second round (i.e. the finals!) however unfortunately Ollie did not. But he did do very well along with everyone else who participated.

About a month and a half later, the girls completed the second paper – which was even harder! – And have not found out the results yet!

The people who have entered would like to thank: Miss Tucker and Mrs Berry for teaching them how to do the maths, and Mrs Howard for patently waiting forty-five minutes in the study while the girls completed the second paper!

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