The Grove Junior School
Dark Lane
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March 18 2016


Giuseppe Loporchio



Most days, the Grove Junior School has an assembly. Some of these assemblys, which are usually around twenty-five minutes,  are special to our school. On Monday, we have a usual assembly,led by a different teacher each time, where the subject varies; on a Tuesday, we have a auper singing assembly, which is led by our specialist music teacher, Mrs Bull; On a Wednesday, we have another general assembly; after the wenesday assembly, we have a sharing aseembly with the whole with the whole school, which is focused on a different year each week; finally, is the Friday celebration assembly, with results that you can see. This is commonly led by Mrs Cliffoerd, head, or Miss Walters, deputy head.

1At the start and end of each assembly, a different piece of music plays. This piece of music is all about a different instrument, currently. This week, we have been focusing on a wonderdful instrument: voice. Although there are lots of different styles of singing, we have been listening to opera, such as Carmen.



The correct term for an opera is a show that includes no talking and speaking. An opera with more pop or rock songs is called a rock-opera.







Do you know any opera songs or composers?