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March 18 2016

Primary Mathematics Challenge

Giuseppe Loporchio

MathsWhat is the “Primary Mathematics Challenge”? What happens during it? I will explain everything.

The Primary Mathematics Challenge (PMC) is just what it sounds like: A mathematics challenge for primary schools. Miss Tucker’s maths group and Mrs Berry’s maths group entered. Each person is given a paper which has maths questions on it – 25 of them. The PMC is all about logic – most people will be able to answer them, if they think about it. Mrs Berry’s entire maths group earned one of three certificates – bronze, silver or gold. Two of Miss Tucker’s won certificates too (bronze) which is very good when the paper contains things you don’t know about!

Just three people won gold certificates – Ollie B, Emma-Beth and Leilani. Emma-Beth and Leilani went on to the second round (i.e. the finals!) however unfortunately Ollie did not. But he did do very well along with everyone else who participated.

About a month and a half later, the girls completed the second paper – which was even harder! – And have not found out the results yet!

The people who have entered would like to thank: Miss Tucker and Mrs Berry for teaching them how to do the maths, and Mrs Howard for patently waiting forty-five minutes in the study while the girls completed the second paper!

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March 18 2016

Our Playground

Giuseppe Loporchio

In our playground we have a number of different equipment. Probably the most popular of these is the Football Rota. This rota allows every year group to have a full 15 minutes to kick up a game and play. Girls and boys are allowed to play and the 4 years stretch their time over the 1 hour lunch break.

Also in our playground we have a fabulous play trail. It is brilliant and there are always at least 5 people on it. Of course, if is wet then we have to disallow it due to the slippery surfaces but when it is sunny, there is always several children playing happily on it. It includes:


  • A climbing wall
  • A zip line
  • Monkey bars
  • A spider rope wall
  • A Tarzan swing
  • Swinging tyres
  • A rolling wheel
  • A balance beam
  • Walking  poles
  • Rope swing bars

As you can see, there is a lot to enjoy.

As well as all this, there is over 90 separate pieces of equipment to play with. Bats and balls, tennis rackets, stilts, ball cups, ankle flips and many more. These numbers are increased by the equipment that the paly leaders bring out. Scooter boards, bouncy balls, games – made up by play leaders themselves – and much more.

Written by your personal blogger: Katie.

March 18 2016


Giuseppe Loporchio



Most days, the Grove Junior School has an assembly. Some of these assemblys, which are usually around twenty-five minutes,  are special to our school. On Monday, we have a usual assembly,led by a different teacher each time, where the subject varies; on a Tuesday, we have a auper singing assembly, which is led by our specialist music teacher, Mrs Bull; On a Wednesday, we have another general assembly; after the wenesday assembly, we have a sharing aseembly with the whole with the whole school, which is focused on a different year each week; finally, is the Friday celebration assembly, with results that you can see. This is commonly led by Mrs Cliffoerd, head, or Miss Walters, deputy head.

1At the start and end of each assembly, a different piece of music plays. This piece of music is all about a different instrument, currently. This week, we have been focusing on a wonderdful instrument: voice. Although there are lots of different styles of singing, we have been listening to opera, such as Carmen.



The correct term for an opera is a show that includes no talking and speaking. An opera with more pop or rock songs is called a rock-opera.







Do you know any opera songs or composers?

March 18 2016

Sainsbury Vouchers

Giuseppe Loporchio


The time has come again! It’s the Sainsburys voucher season… but this time it’s a competition!

Every time you go shopping at Sainsburys you will get a Sainsburys voucher for every pound you spend. Do not hesitate to bring them into school as, if we get enough, we will be able to buy lots of new P.E. equipment for our school.

Each class has their own box for Sainsburys vouchers which they are trying to fill. At the end of the week, the class with the most Sainsburys vouchers wins. So far, unfortunately, we only have enough vouchers for half a bib. Cherry class won, with 29 vouchers but several classes hadn’t collected any!

If you are a parent reading this: shop at Sainsburys!

…And if you are a child, remember to nag your parents!


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February 11 2016

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