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Dark Lane
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October 16 2015



Well done to the following children who have recently received Headteacher Awards. Some are for good deeds, some are for Learning Log work and others for super class work.

We are very proud of you all

Headteacher awards 

In Apple, Chloe and Lucas for Diary entries.

Edward for progress in Maths and Kellis for participation and independence in Maths, both in Lilac.

Isobel and Eleanor in Cherry for great Reading Record entries.

In Magnolia, Courtney for good understanding and work in fractions and Florence for improved sentence structure in English.

Abid for improved writing and Libiya for similes, both in Cedar.

In Linden, Jennifer and Emily for excellent effort across all the curriculum.

Rhia and Tiggy for Art. Both in Acacia.

In Rowan, Evie P for all round commitment to the whole curriculum and Abbie for effort in Guided Reading and Writing.

Ayaan and Isobel in Mulberry.

In Redwood, Lenny and Olivia for writing.

Rosie for a pie chart chart of real Maths on Innocent smoothies. Nathan for great writing and even better editing and improving. Both in Acer.

In Elder, Keenan for Guided Reading and Sophie P for progress in Maths.