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June 15 2017


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Sept. 2017

The latest edition of Digital Parenting is now available to view online or download.  There are some excellent articles and plenty of practical advice for supporting children to keep safe online.

The website and magazine can be accessed here:

As with Issue 5, we will be ordering some hard copies to be distributed later in October.


eSafety Parents’ meeting handout

eSafety primary parents handout 2017

Internet Matters is an excellent website with support for keeping your child safe online.  It includes advice on: age appropriate apps; parental control and settings on a wide range of devices;  issues which may affect children (e.g. cyberbullying, sexting)

Internet Safety Week 2017

Click here to read some of the children’s reflections from the week. eSafety reflections

Here are some useful websites for up to date information about how to keep safe online.

This is a link to the Think You Know website which has a cyber cafe with activities and games which are fun whilst teaching all about esafety.

Here are some other useful websites for up to date information about how to keep safe online.


Click on the link below for the latest Herts for Learning eSafety Newsletters







(Click the link to see the slide show that we shared.)

On Tuesday 9th February 2016 we celebrated Internet Safety Day and during assesmbly discussed how to stay safe and what we would do in a difficult situation.

Throughout the week we have developed our understanding of this in our Computing lessons. Watch this space for examples of our work.

Year 3

Year 3 have been working to explore reasons why people use passwords, learn the benefits of using passwords, and discover strategies for creating and keeping strong, secure passwords.

They have used this understanding to create and perform password raps recording their ideas on the school radio!

Lets take a look!

IMG_1251[1] IMG_1253[1]

Do you need to change or improve your passwords?


Year 5


poster 1 poster 2 poster 3

poster 4 poster 5


Here is a poem you may like to discuss recognising the importance of being different and how differences can help us to learn about the world around us.

Take a look!

Jessica’s Wish

Safer Internet Day 2016

Jessica smiled and went online,

“Did people like this post of mine?”

On screen she saw just 2 likes there,

She huffed and said, “Oh, no one cares.

Why can’t my friends all be like me?

How wonderful that life would be!

If I was in charge of things online,

Being the same would be just fine.”


All of a sudden she heard a beep,

On screen appeared a purple sheep!

“Good day,” he said, “I’m here for you.

I’ve come to make your wish come true,

Take care with what you choose to do,

If nothing’s different, nothing’s new.”

The sheep then vanished from the screen,

 “How strange,” she said, “what did he mean?”


She went downstairs and grabbed her phone,

All set to play, get in the zone…

“What’s this?” she asked, about her game.

The scores had changed, they’re all the same.

“Oh,” said Jess, and had to grin,

“We’re all the same, no one can win.”

She called her friends, “What’s up today?”

Her friends had nothing new to say.


She chose to visit other sites,

What she saw there gave her a fright.

Each film, each pic, each word, each tweet,

From every house in every street,

Was just the same, with no new voices,

No new content, no new choices.

She closed her eyes and said,

“No more!” This internet is such a bore!


The sheep was right, and very wise.

 If we’re the same, there’s no surprise.

No highs, no lows, no variation,

No news, no views, no inspiration.

“Please change it back,” Jess cried sadly.

The sheep appeared, “I’ll do that gladly.”

Be kind online, choose not to hate,

It’s difference that makes us great.

What are your thoughts on this poem?

Could you make a short film or animation to capture the message of this poem?

Here are 2 short films from year 3.


If you missed our E-Safety meeting for parents please see below for advice documents given out by Hertfordshire E-Safety advice team.

Parent Information, Advice Documents

For further advice and information, visit the CEOP website.