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September 16 2016

Year 6 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

Autumn Term 2016

Year 6 Blog


This week we have been celebrating Roald Dahl’s 100th Year birthday. In Acer class we have been reading The Magic Finger. Following on from that we have been writing what it would feel like to have wings (like the Gregg family).

During our 15 for fit sessions we have been having so much fun. We played a really fun game that included Swiss balls. Over and under was our favourite.

In our golden time we played a very enjoyable  game called  Kalaha. It originated from somewhere in Africa. They would play with stones and dug the holes in the sand. Everyone had such a great time. 

By James A and Emily J

Elder Blog

Our first week back

We have started are new week of Year 6 with the following topics of Steam Engines, Light and Dark   and finally we multiplied and divided in Maths.   

On Friday the 9th September 2016 Mr Watson came to The Grove Junior School to show us how a steam engine works. He told us amount using coal and hot water to create a fire which boiled the water to make steam. The gears and steering wheel were different to those on cars. You’ve got to be safe around a steam engine because there is stuff on the outside that moves. It looked very fancy and he uses it at fairs. It set a record for travelling the furthest; it went all the way to Brighton!

By William P and Archie W

Redwood blog!

This week we have been rehearsing for our end of year play, Bugsy Malone! Some of the children have already learnt their words. Our lead role (Heather) plays the role of Bugsy and Keira plays the role of Blousey.

This week is Humanities week, so we have been learning about the history of the Skew Bridge in Southdown. We did a comprehension activity where we read about the bridge and answered questions via the text. As well as this, we had to take pictures of the Skew Bridge itself.

Relating to Humanities week, we had to look at a map of our environment (Harpenden) and a map of Cromer (Kingswood). We made a colour key and labelled the different features of the maps. We especially looked at railways.

Other events that took place this week (27.06.16)  were the Herts Games Quick Sticks tournament and District sports. We did exceptionally well both in both of these events and came out with high scores.

We can’t believe that we only have 3 weeks left of year 6 and, even worse, at the Grove Primary school. We would like to thank all the teachers for giving us lots of opportunities and education!

By Rachel and Grace B.   




Year 6 Blog

This week we have done lots of exciting things.

We started the Year 6 play this week. Our play is … Bugsy Malone!  We have been practising every day to make it perfect and we are still working to make it our best. We hope to see a big audience to support us.

Stained glass windows

Over the course of two weeks, we’ve made wonderful stained glass windows. The funny thing is, we used bin bags. Firstly we designed them into our D&T books. Then we got a bin bag and drew our design on it with chalk. Next we stuck down tissue paper onto the bag with PVA glue. After it had dried, we gently peeled them off. Now they look wonderful. If you haven’t seen them yet please come round to Acer.

 EU referendum

This week is a special week because people around Britain are voting for whether we should stay in the EU or leave. On Thursday 23rd June people are allowed to vote (if you’re over 18).

Sadly on the morning of the 24th Britain decided to leave the EU. Devastated, David Cameron decided to resign from being Prime Minister. In October we will find out our new Prime Minister. In our Grove School election, we decided to remain.

Written by Emma and Emma-Beth

Y6 D&T

In D&T we have started to design a bag related to the country we got in our euros sweepstake. We were given a homework task to create a mood board for our design. We found out facts on the country we got and created a mood board around the facts we found. Materials were also used as it would not be a design without knowing what to use to create our bag. In the next session we will start our final design. Finally, we will create our bag using the materials we have chosen. The bag will be handmade and will be able to hold something inside it. The bag will need to include a fastening, a gusset and a handle.


By Sam and Connor – Elder


Friday 10th June 2016

Our week in Redwood Class

Despite the fact it has been a short week, we have crammed a lot into it in Redwood! For our mini topic on coasts (related to Kingswood) we`ve been writing persuasive leaflets using as many features as we could. Mrs Harrison`s maths group have been investigating negative numbers as well as learning how to calculate the area of a triangle. Not as tricky as it sounds we discovered!

Before we do our auditions for Bugsy, Miss McCluskey got us to do some really fun drama activities. My favourite was when we had to follow the person in front and the person in front had to listen to the music because you had to be really quick on thinking what to do. In science, we started learning about micro- organisms which are really quite gross! We started a carousel of activities which we will complete on Monday.

Our D&T project over the next few weeks will be to create a bag. Today we looked at a variety of different types of bags and learned what a gusset was A busy week!

By Katie M  

Year 6 Blog 20/05/16


In R.E. we have been making stained glass windows, which show the story of Noah’s ark. We started off by drawing our design on a black bin bag. We got pots of glue, which we spread on a little section of our bin bag. After that we got tisue paper (which were different colours) and stuck it onto the bin bag. We would repeat this process until it was complete. Finally we peeled off our design.

Here is a design about to be peeled off.


This is a complete design of a stain glass window. 







Year 6 Blog!

Some reflections about SATs week…

This week, Year 6 (my year) had Sats. Some people were nervous/excited but I like tests so I just treated them like an everyday paper! The order went: 1 English paper on Monday, 1 SPAG test and 1 spelling test on Tuesday, 2 maths tests on Wednesday (1 reasoning paper and 1 arithmetic paper) and 1 more reasoning paper on Thursday. We were all determined to finish the tests as calmly and quickly as possible. The week went quickly and we all ended up with a well-earned chocolate cupcake! Now that is what I call a good week!

Rachel L

How I felt during SATS week!

This week Year 6 (the year I’m in) have been doing SATS. On Monday we had a reading test. As Mrs Harrison and Mrs May handed out the test papers I was so nervous and my heart was pounding out of my chest. I worked though the questions reading as carefully as I could. Finally, the test was over and a sign of relief came. Then on Tuesday we had are SPAG test. First we had hard questions which not a lot people liked. After break we had our 20 spelling test. I find spellings really tricky and so do many other people but we powered through.

Next on Wednesday we had 2 maths tests. I thought those were the trickiest so far; so many people were not looking forward to them. Finally, on Thursday we had our last test are maths test. Once it was all over everyone was pleased. I would like to thank Mrs Harrison, Miss McCluskey and Mrs Berry for all their hard work getting us ready for SATS. I would also like to thank Mrs Ipsen for the lovely cakes she made.

By Katie Mackenzie    

Wb 29.2.16


Last week, the whole of Year 6 did their mock SATS. We did 1 test as soon as we got in to class. We felt a bit nervous as we started our reading test but it wasn’t as bad after all. The next day, we took on a challenging gps (grammar, punctuation and spelling) test. We have a SPAG map on the school website so every one can check words they don’t understand. After break, the year did a spelling test which included 20 words. The work we have been doing in  spelling lessons really helped us with this test. We finished our tests on Thursday 3rd of March with a maths test.


In science last week our class (Elder) were doing their final lesson of Evolution. We had to make a blob, coloured our choice, and make it adapt to its habitat. This included making it poisonous, camouflaged or giving it fur to stay warm. These features were all different depending on the habitat the blob lived in. We set it out on a flow chart with 12 steps. Excited, we started our flow chart. We had a lot of fun with this topic and we hope the next one is just as good.

Redwood class blog

Wb 22.02.16

In Science this week, we have been pretending to be Charles Darwin; we had to write a letter to a friend telling them about the theory of Evolution that he came up with. It had to include everything in normal writing. If you were writing this, who would you send it to? We used the real address of Charles Darwin’s house. Everybody had to choose a 19th century name to write to. Mrs Harrison said she would prefer a boy’s name which some children found quite hard! I really enjoyed this lesson and learning about Charles Darwin and hope everyone else enjoyed the lesson as much as I did.

By Katie M

During Guided Reading , we do a different activity each day. On Monday, my group have independent reading. This is where you read your own book or a book from the library. On Tuesday, I have independent reading of my guided reading book which at the moment is Boom by Mark Haddon. For this task, we have to read a certain amount of chapters from a book given to us by our teacher (Mrs Harrison); we do this each week until we finish the book.

Every Wednesday, my group have a guided reading session with Mrs Harrison. She asks us questions about what we read; she likes to see if we understand what we have read! This is also a time when we share open ended questions about the book that we have created.  On Thursday, my group do comprehension with Mrs May, who’s our teaching assistant. This is where we have a piece of text and have to respond to it, so we can answer the questions given to us. Finally, on Friday we are given a writing task to do. It’s based on a different theme each week. Once, we had to write a letter to the information centre about an imaginary creature, describe what it looks like! We have to include enough information so they could research the creature.

Personally, I love guided reading and think it’s great!

By Lauren D

In PE on Tuesday, Redwood played quicksticks. We learnt control skills and how to tackle one specific person properly and safely. We were separated into groups to play mini matches.

In our other PE lesson on Thursday, we were finishing and performing our gym routines to an audience which was the rest of our class.  We had to include some type of twist, inversion, movement and a piece of gym equipment. My group performed to Stitches by Shawn Mendes.

I really enjoyed both lessons as they were brilliant and fun!!

By Luca V

This week in Mrs Harrison’s maths group, we have been looking at angles and briefly coordinates. At the start of the week, we thought about different types of angles and how to measure them. Angles include: reflex (nore than 180 degrees but less than 360), obtuse (more than 90 degrees but less than 180), a right angle (90 degrees) and acute (less than 90 degrees).

With coordinates, you have to remember to go along the corridor first before going up the stairs! I remember that we also looked at coordinates in different quadrants (there were 4 of them).

Today we had an Arithmetic test which had 36 challenging questions. I think I did quite well after the challenges of a times table torture test!

By Tom P

English lessons this week have been focused on looking in depth at character descriptions – specifically Remaena from The Vanishing Rainforest by Richard Platt and Rupert van Wyk. To cut a long story short, Remaena returns home one day only to find that her friends and family are now homeless as the village has fallen foul of deforestation. After reading 2 fantastic character descriptions from children in Elder class, Redwood were as determined as ever to write a great descriptive piece! We hope that Mrs Harrison will be impressed with our paragraphs!

By Toby J

In French this week, we were continuing with our Ma Journee (my daily routine) topic. We have been learning what sort of thing people would do in their day including specific things like saying we had croissants for breakfast and how to say the time that we did something. Miss Vitesse makes our French lessons fun by using the fun interactive site Rigolo. I really enjoy the French lessons because the children get to interact with each other!

By Alex B

Wb 02.02.16


In Science today we had an experiment about what would happen if you put raisins into lemonade. Excited, we put the raisins into the cup. When we put the raisins in the lemonade, the raisins were going up and down in the cup. This is due to the Carbon Dioxide in the drink. The carbon dioxide goes on the raisins which brings it up to the top of the cup. When it popped the raisins sank back to the bottom. We had a lot of fun doing this activity and we hope we do another fun experiment like that in the future.

By Kieran and Teddy, Elder Class


Wb 25.01.16

Redwood blog

In Science, we have been learning about Mary Anning, the famous palaeontologist. We researched some facts about her over the Internet and found many things like the fact she was struck by lightning as a baby. Everything was recorded in our jotter, before changing the information into a biography in our Science books.

We learnt about how Mary went hunting for ‘curiosities’ (which turned out to be fossils) and sold them; how her father fell down a cliff where they searched for fossils and died; how her mother had 12 children but only her brother and she survived, and how she found a dinosaur skull fossil but never got given the credit by her male peers.

By Ollie B

During English this week, we have been learning about the Rainforest. We have mostly been thinking about deforestation. Mind Maps have been drawn and facts written down! A book called the Vanishing Rainforest by Richard Platt and Rupert van Wyk was read to us so that we had an understanding of a tribe’s life in the rainforest. We also shared facts that we already knew on the flip chart.

Later on in the week, we were give role play cards. We read the information and then had to get ourselves into groups eg Logger, endangered animals, family/ owners, scientists etc. Groups shared their information and bullet pointed facts. Every group shared their opinion on whether they were for or against deforestation.

By Rachel L

In Maths, we have been learning all about data handling. Mrs Harrison has made it easier to understand bar charts, line graphs, pictograms and lots more! Throughout the week, we have been given maths problems and have been shown how to solve them; we didn’t need that much help after the explanation! I think that Mrs Harrison has made me like data handling and made me better at it. Every Friday we have a times table and arithmetic test – all of us know clever tricks for learning our times tables and strategies for solving the calculations!

By Aaron A

In R.E this week looked at a line of possibility and on it had no chance, unlikely, 50/50, likely and certain. We had a discussion, on our tables about some examples that would fit in best for each one; this is one we had on our table (it is unlikely that the school will blow up). After that, we had an example which was’ is god real’; we had a whole variety of answers. Some people thought it was unlikely some thought it was certain others thought it was 50/50 and some though likely. Finally we had a discussion on our tables if you think there’s an afterlife, some people kept their views as before and others changed. Overall it was a very fun lesson and I would do it again! 

By Freya D

In Redwood class this week for PE, we have been learning how to play football and gymnastics. In football , we were learning how to do basic turns and skills such as the, Maradona, the drag back and the Cruyff turn. After learning these basic skills, we put them to use and got into groups of 6 to play a match where you could only score once you had done 3 turns!

During this week in gymnastics, we continued in our groups practising the routines that we would be performing at the end of the term. For this particular week, we practised our routines on apparatus. Over all this week, Redwood class have learnt a lot of different techniques and skills, and had lots of fun!

By Holly T

Wb 18.1.16

In Science last week we started learning about fossils. Fossils are important for us because it teaches us all about the interesting animals which lived before us. Because some animals don’t live anymore, it’s important for us to know what was living before us. Our class (Elder) were split in to groups of three and we played a board game about fossils. The aim was to get to the end but there are some steps which could bring you back to the start! Every step had an interesting fact on it. Now we are learning about Mary Anning and I’m very excited to learn about her.

By Kieran G

In English last week we started a new topic about newspaper reports. We based it on the floods because the floods have been in the newspaper and our class were interested in it. We haven’t finished our reports yet but we all have got pretty far. The whole year have really enjoyed this subject. We all hope to do it again in Year 7.

By Max S

In R.E we have done a mind map with ‘God’ in the middle and wrote around the outside things that pop into your head when you hear the word God. Most of us thought of ‘man’, ‘sky’, ‘clouds’ or ‘heaven’. I would agree with all of them but in my opinion I think the best word for God is ‘peace’.

By Max S

In P.E last week we were working in groups of five. We were making routines with balances jumps and lots more.

By Teddy H