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September 23 2016

Year 6 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

Autumn Term 2016

Redwood Blog – wb 19.09.2016


This week, we have been looking at newspaper reports and finding out the features. We annotated an article called Parliament Prowler. Year 6 chose an area to write about in the form of a newspaper. There were three different subjects we could choose from- Roald Dahl Week, Fit For Fifteen and the Steam Train. Also, we had to include all the success critirea of a newspaper. Our spelling sound for the week, was ‘ous’ and we matched some descriptions to pictures. As well, we looked at reported and direct speech then filled in a sheet linked with that. Redwood Class can’t wait for their dictation! 

Mrs Berry – Maths group    

In Mrs Berry’s maths group this week, we have been learning how to do My Maths the correct way. We need to press on the need practise and always have a pencil and paper at all times when doing the proper homework.  We have also been looking at estimating where about numbers are on a number line with big numbers and decimals. As well as that, we have been looking at negative numbers from 40 to -60 in temperatures.

Luke B


In science this week we have been understanding how the eye interprets pictures. We have learnt how we need light to be able to see things, how light is reflected off objects and how light travels in straight lines. We have also learnt how the eye works and that light travels through the pupil to form an upside down, back to front image on the retina at the back of the eyeball. In class we experimented with the iris to see how it reacts to light and dark. Our partner closed their eyes for a minute and then when they opened their eyes. Then their partner would observe how their pupils dilate and contract. We have learnt about other parts of the eye such as the sclera, lens and the optic nerve. Without light we would not be able to see.

Mia J

In year 6 in PE, we have been learning about football and SAQ.  In football, Mr Berry has been teaching us about passing, shooting, dribbling and working in small groups. While working in small groups we get to work with new people who we haven’t worked with before and trying new things. Mr Berry was helping and supporting everyone when we were trying really hard.

SAQ stands for Speed Agility and Quickness. In SAQ, we use lots of equipment and also work in groups. Mrs Hutson and Mr Berry help us making new activities and having fun. It is lots of fun  but really hard work as well! When it comes to exercising, everyone enjoys it. For example there are lots of things we do in SAQ. Sit ups, skipping, step ups and shuttle runs and most importantly it helps you keep fit.

By Will A

Redwood Fit For Fifteen

During our fantastic fit for fifteen sessions we have been having so much fun and everyone enjoyed it! On Tuesday we had our first session of the week and we were all looking forward to it. To start with, to get warmed up Redwood did one lap of the netball court. After that, we then applied some rules to running laps around the court. The rules were if Mrs Harrison blew the whistle once we all had to touch the floor once, if she blew it twice we had to touch the floor with two hands, if she blew it three times we had to jump up and finally the fourth whistle would mean to stop.  Next, everyone got into a space and once everyone got into a space we did some quick energetic star jumps which lasted for about one minute.  Sadly, the session finished and our next session was on Thursday where one of the children would lead the session.                        


Our second fifteen for fit session was run by a child and we did the classic over and under. Over and under is where the first person in the team would pass the ball over their head and the second person would pass it under their legs to the next person and so on. But we adapted the rules too, so instead of going over and under we went left to right and once we got to the last person they had to run to the end of the football pitch and then run to the front of their team and then start again. To win, your team had to beat all the other teams by making everyone run to the end of the football pitch and back to your team.

By Josh


Maths Masterclass at Aldwickbury

On Thursday 22nd September, eight pupils from year 6 were invited to participate in a maths master class at Aldwickbury school. During the master class, we learnt a range of interesting things about the complex art of origami. We got to work with children from schools all around Harpenden and learnt some amazing things. We all had a wonderful afternoon and look forward to the next session.

By Mariam


Our first week back!

We have started are new week of Year 6 with the following topics of Steam Engines, Light and Dark   and finally we multiplied and divided in Maths.   

On Friday the 9th September 2016 Mr Watson came to The Grove Junior School to show us how a steam engine works. He told us amount using coal and hot water to create a fire which boiled the water to make steam. The gears and steering wheel were different to those on cars. You’ve got to be safe around a steam engine because there is stuff on the outside that moves. It looked very fancy and he uses it at fairs. It set a record for travelling the furthest; it went all the way to Brighton!

By William P and Archie W


Redwood Blog

This week in English we have been looking at the book ‘The Vanishing Rainforest’ by Rupert van Wyk and wrote part of the story from another character’s point of view, such as Uncle Moawa or Jane. First we described the character that we were focusing on and the setting. After that, we wrote some of the dialogue remembering to use speech marks correctly!

In Spelling, we have been practising spelling homophones and putting them in a sentence. A few that some people found particularly tricky were: ‘descent’ and ‘dissent’, ‘principle’ and ‘principal’, and ‘alter’ and ‘altar’.

 by Ollie B

In French our topic is transport. We have learnt how to say different modes of transport like: bus is bus, bike is velo and by foot is a pied. We got into pairs and the teacher wrote up all the vocabulary and sentences we needed. Then we had a conversation in are pairs. The first person would ask where you were going and then you would say where you were going. Then the first person would ask how you were getting there and you would pick a mode of transport and say how you were getting there. All of this was done in the French language! After that we had to fill in a sheet which was fun and helped us remember the vocabulary.

By Grace B

In Science this week (as it is National Science week), we made trees out of paper! We were only allowed to use paper and scissors; if you wanted to ‘glue’ something together you had to make slits. It was a competition and the categories were: tallest tree, widest tree, sturdiest tree and most life like tree. There were seven groups with three people in them. We had sheets to show us how to make the slits. What kind of things would you put on your tree? All of the trees were very different. Luckily, one of the groups found green paper! Unfortunately, you weren’t allowed to colour it as that would be using other items.  We got to choose our groups and we only had 30 minutes. I really enjoyed this lesson and I hope everyone else did!

Happy Science week!

By Katie M

In Maths this week, we have been looking at different units of measurement and converting (g, kg, mm, cm, m, km, ml and L). When we started, not everyone was sure if they could do it or not!

We did an investigation which involved measuring scarves and we got on really well! As it was a fun lesson, Mrs Harrison was very pleased! Next we looked at a picture called the Knitathon which was all about knitting, scarves and how long they were. We then had to convert the measurements so that they were all the same.

Today we did an arithmetic test. Unfortunately, due to a faulty printer, it had only copied the odd numbered pages!! Luckily, Mrs May came to the rescue and sorted out the rest of the pages for us! Everyone tried their best.

By Irfan and Tom J

This week in P.E., we have been learning rock and roll in dance. We have put together a routine of actions in this particular dance genre. Clicks, leg kicks and hand shoots have all been included in the routine. After that we joined with a partner and created our own set of movements to add to the routine. Very soon lots of people were worn out and ready to finish but we kept going and managed to create a class chorus. Next, we put all the parts together to make a sequence of rock and roll movements. Mrs Hutson taught us the hand jive and we were ready to dance as a group. We all really enjoyed a week of dance!  

By Rachel L