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July 21 2017

Year 5 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

Summer Term 2017

Year 5 Blog

Week beginning: 17/07/17



It has been a very exciting last week in Year 5.  On Thursday, we were lucky enough to take part in a live Skype session with the Jorvik Centre in  York.  We heard all about everyday life during Viking times.  It was great to see genuine Viking artefacts and hear about their value.  For example, we were shown a Viking comb which was very valuable to Vikings as it meant they could comb out all the lice which lived in their hair!

In the pictures, you can see one of year 5 asking a question.  The teachers were very proud of how well we sat and listened for a whole hour and how we asked really interesting questions. We were amazed by how much knowledge the ‘Viking’ had!

We also completed our Viking rune bags.

Happy holidays!

Year 5 bloggers

Week beginning 03-07-17

In English this week, we have started writing our first person recounts from the point of view of either a Viking invader or a monk on the island of Lindisfarne.  We have tried really hard to make our writing dramatic and full of emotion.

We are enjoying making our Vikings runes bags in DT although the sewing is quite tricky for some of us!

On Wednesday, we watched the very funny Year 6 play.  Rowan also enjoyed watching the Year 4 Cuffley Camp assembly.  Acacia and Mulberry will be watching it next week.

Year 5 represented the school in the Harpenden Year 5/6 Rounders Festival and came a brilliant 2nd out of 8 teams!  What an achievement!

Year 5 bloggers

Week beginning 26-06-17

This week, we stepped back in time to re-enact the Viking invasion of the holy island of Lindisfarne.  We painted our faces to intimidate the peaceful monks, just as the Vikings had done centuries ago.

In maths, we measured our bedrooms and worked out a scale to draw it onto paper.  Mrs Wilding gave us a budget of £500 to buy new furniture but we had to make sure it would all fit.  Using the iPads, we looked online for prices and dimensions using Argos and Ikea websites.

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Week beginning 12-06-17

We have had a packed week in year 5!  In addition to all our usual lessons, we also had a trip to the Bushey and Radlett synagogue on Thursday morning.  We had a very interesting talk, followed by the chance to try on some of the traditional Jewish clothes and try some challah bread, which was delicious!

In Science, we have been learning all about friction and devised an investigation to try different surfaces.


Week Beginning:  08-05-17


On the 11th of May, year 5 held our Oscars night in the hall.  We watched the films that they had made. For the weeks leading up to the night, everyone went around the school to do filming and editing . On the night all the parents came to watch the films and everyone was dressed up in their finery. After that, the children went to play outside and have snacks. Soon the awards would be given out and tension was building up as everyone wanted to know you would win. Everyone sat back down in the hall and the children were nervous but hopeful that they would win. The teachers called out the names of the children who had won.

Everyone held their Oscars with pride and glory. We were all excited about our awards but sad that all the fun filming, editing, costumes and preparation was over!


In art we have continued focusing on Barbara Hepworth. We decided to make collages on our special places.

Molly and Louisa (Rowan)


Week Beginning 01/05/17

On Tuesday we had ‘Chance to Shine’ cricket which we will be having every week this half term. As the Oscars are next week, we decided that we would do some last minute filming as well. The next day we had another P.E lesson where we had a District Sports trial for the long distance running. As well as the trials, we had a practice for District Sports long jump. In maths we did some challenges where we had to find out the three missing numbers in some calculations that were set out in column method. We have also done some art this week where we are making collages based on Barbara Hepworth.

Last minute editing and filming


Week beginning 18-04-17


This week in English we have been learning about Barbara Hepworth.  We have been using our note-taking skills to make notes from some videos we watched and using websites on the laptops.  We used our notes to write a biography about Barbara and soon we will be putting what we have written in our English books, into our art book, but before we do that we are going to check for missing words and random capital letters.


This week in Mrs Wilding’s maths group, we have been converting measures. On Tuesday we started doing answering some problems about different units of measurement. On Wednesday we walked around and on each table there were different objects and we had to find how much the things weighed in metric and imperial units.

In Mrs Bolshaw’s maths, group we have been putting numbers in between number lines.  For example, you have 223,870 where would you put it between 100,000 and 1,000,000? We had to put it on a number line.


We chose a picture of a Barbara Hepworth sculpture which we transcribed into our art books.  Next week we will start to think about our own collages inspired by her work.

We have also continued with our Oscars filming.  Some groups have nearly finished filming and will be busy editing next week.

Rowan bloggers:  Izzy, Leah and Matthew



Spring Term 2017

Year 5 Blog


Week beginning 27-03-17

In year 5, we have had a busy week starting our filming.  We have been putting into action all of the skills we have been learning about in the last few weeks.  We have found that just a few seconds of action can take a long time to film! It has been tricky to find quiet spaces to film in, but we have enjoyed overcoming the challenges.  Some of us have started to edit the films on the iPads and have added sound effects and music using iMovie.

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Week beginning 20-03-17