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July 21 2017

Year 4 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

Summer Term 2017

Year 4 Blog


Year 4 End of Term Blog




This week, year 4 have been rehearsing their Cuffley assembly, and have made lots of progress. On Wednesday we did our dress rehearsal to the school, it was a smash! On Tuesday, in the morning, a tennis coach came in from Batchwood and taught us some skills, and we all learnt a lot. Later that day, year 4 had an inter house turbo cricket tournament, all afternoon.

This Thursday was our last swimming session so we had a play swim, everyone has had lots of fun and made a lot of progress.

This week we have been learning about puberty in PSHE.  In spellings this week we have been learning about the spelling rule ‘I before e except after c’ when  the sound is ‘ee’.

We also watched the Year 6 leavers production ‘Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits’.   It was AMAZING and it looked so much fun. The songs, acting and jokes were a  hit on the show.

By Emily and Jennifer (Linden)


This week we have raised money for Cancer Research by doing our own Race For Life.  We had to run round the field as many times as you could in half an hour.  There was music and drinks and we all had a sticker to remember how many laps we did.  Every year there is a colour you have to wear and this year it was blue.  In Year 4 we tried really hard and we enjoyed ourselves no matter how many laps we did.  After the running we came in and were allowed to relax.

In maths we learned different times tables and also did rounding to 100 and division.  We danced to our times tables.   We were converting fractions into decimals and then the decimals into fractions.  We enjoyed maths this week.

In science we were learning about sound and used something called a Log Box Tracker.  This recorded sound, light and heat.  We learned that the volume in the classroom when it was silent was 56 db.

We have started learning about the election and made a booklet.  We had sheets about things that the parties say and do and then we talked about it.  After that we wrote in the booklet.  We also watched clips about what the politicians in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales would do if they were Prime Minister.

In PE we practised tennis and ping pong in swimming we practised front crawl and back stroke.  We had to swim two lengths front crawl; two lengths back stroke, two lengths breast stroke and two of your own choice.

We have liked this week because we really enjoyed Race for Life.

Samuel Chidawa and Robbie Pitcher



Week beginning:  05-05-17

Last week one of our Learning Logs tasks was to go to the bluebell woods and either take photos or make a collage or some other art work. As part of Citizenship they were also asked to chart their sightings on the Woodland Trust website.

We thought you might like to see some of the photographs.


Week beginning:  13-03-17


Recently in maths we have been focusing on bar charts about chocolate, school uniforms, ice cream and more. We have also been focusing on our times tables. Not only that, but we have also been doing different types of bar charts such as a pictogram and a line chart. We have played many games on the whiteboard which have helped us so much with our bar charts and times tables.

In science we have been learning about electricity and how they discovered electricity. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity? At the minute, in science we are doing the digestive system. Inside of the digestive system it starts to go down your oesophagus down into the stomach then through the duodenum and into the ileum and then into the colon and last, but not least into the anus.

In our learning log homework, we have learnt about the fearsome Anglo Saxon’s and their homes. In our books we have designed our very own Anglo Saxon village with livestock, food, ponds and even houses.

Matthew H


In music we have been learning our songs for our year 4 play. The captains were learning their dance and the fishes were learning their dance.


In history we have been learning about Anglo Saxons we drew an Anglo Saxon village and we did a bit of geography about where the Anglo Saxons invaded


We have been learning about the effects of smoking and how smoking is bad for your health. We had to write a fact about smoking then we asked other people in the class for more facts.

Oscar Q

Wb 03.03.17

MATHS: Year 4 received a letter from a clothing company and we have to re measure the children to see if the company’s clothes sizes were right.  We measured everybody; their length, neck, waist, hips, inside leg.  This helped us to learn to measure accurately using centimetres and metres.  It was a very fun activity.

ENGLISH: We have been doing ‘explanation texts’.  These explain how to do something like; fly a hot air balloon, how to make a sandwich.  We watched Wallace and Gromit and their’ Snoozatron’ and we wrote about how it worked.

PSHE: Our topic is “ Healthy Me.”   First we played a game to think of a sporty activity beginning with the same letter as our name, like Gymnastic George, Olympic Olivia, Running Robby and Jumping Jessica.  Next we are going to write about our friendships.

School Play: We are doing the story of Jonah and the Whale.  We have learned and listened to all the songs.  We have been writing ideas about props, scripts and backdrops.

Swimming: this week we have been doing front crawl and swam lots of lengths.

We have really enjoyed Maths this week because it was fun and it’s good to know how to measure things.

Olivia and George (Linden)

wb 30-01-17

This week in Year 4 we have been learning about writing a fantasy story in English.  We have learned how to add lots of description and adverbs to make the story more interesting.

In Maths we have been learning about ‘chunking’  and dividing.  The’chunking’ really  helps  to work out the answers.   We have used the times tables grids and bead strings which has also helped a lot.  We played a ‘chunking champion’ game and a bingo game which really helped us to understand.

In Science we learned about electricity.  At the beginning, we learned the symbols for different things eg   battery, buzzer.   Afterwards we learned how to create light and what you needed to do.

We really enjoyed PE.  We played a team game in Houses using netball skills.  It was great fun.

In swimming we were practising front crawl and at the end we jumped in using different techniques.  One technique was called a ‘choo choo train’

Amelie and Farrah – Linden


Wb 27-01-17


This week we learnt about decimal points. We got put into groups of two or three. Then we rolled a dice twice and saw what number we got. For example if we rolled a five and a three we would get eight then we would look on a sheet and see what we had to do. We had lots of fun doing it.


On Thursday Mrs Rigarlsford taught us a very interesting English lesson. (Mrs Reynolds did the modelling.) It was all about making a story plan about a picture from The Daydream Dragon. We wrote our story plan using the picture of The Daydream Dragon to help us if we were stuck. Everybody enjoyed it a lot.


For our homework we had three choices: for Maths we could make a clock, for English/History we could write a script about Mr Benn in an Anglo – Saxon village and for English we could write homophone jokes or riddles. Most people did the clock because it was very creative.


In History we are learning about the Anglo – Saxons and how they lived. On Thursday we made a poster that was going to attract people to have an Anglo – Saxon job. For example : BLACKSMITH NEEDED , WILL GET PAYED GOOD MONEY. We had to draw a picture with it.

Thank you for reading our Year 4 Blog

We hope you enjoyed it!

wb 16-01-17


On Tuesday the school choir went to the 02 arena in London. We were lucky enough to be part of Young Voices. The choir learnt a range of exiting songs throughout the summer; Five Guys Named Mo, Pop Medley and finally You’re the Voice. Along with all of these songs we had dance moves too. We did a lot of waiting around!

10:30 we left school and travelled to the 02

12:30 we arrived and ate packed lunch.

2:15 rehearsal started

5:00 rehearsal ended, we eat packed tea

7:00 concert started

9:15 concert ended

11:15 arrived back at school


In spellings we were doing homophones which are words that sound the same but are spelt different e.g. knight and night, knot and not and brake and break.

Some children wrote different homophones on pieces of paper and hung them on the wall.

We also discussed zero tolerance words; the teachers have had enough of us spelling these rather easy words wrong e.g.

What – often spelt wot

When – often spelt wen


In maths we are doing sequencing and doubling decimals. On Friday, we played a game where you had to create the largest or smallest number including decimals. We also converted them into percentages. Did you know a decimal means ten?


In PSHE we have a new topic, dreams and goals.

On Friday, we looked at the possibility of not all dreams coming true.

However you can try to achieve steps towards it.


We have been trying to keep the consistency of our handwriting the same. We have been looking at joining double letters up.


We have been looking at the Neil Gaiman book instructions. We have changed his words into our own. We also highlighted words we found interesting.


In Science this week we have been learning about electricity. Some children have brought in electronic toys like a remote control tractor and a Hatchimal. Some electric devices need charging and batteries but some only need one e.g. Hatchimal, RC tractor and little live pet.

I hope you enjoyed what we have done this week!


By Holly, Naomi and Jessica at Grove blogs



In English, we have been learning about Mr Benn (a cartoon character).  On Monday we had our English books and we went through a part of Mr Benn and the teacher would tell us a question about the part of the cartoon and we would write the answer of what we thought. The first question was how did the story start: The second question was how did he enter the imaginary world? We have watched 4 episodes of Mr Benn:  the Red Knight number one, the Hunter number two, and the Cavemen number three, and finally the Pirate Ship number four.  For the next few days we also wrote a plan of Mr Benn episode two the Hunter Outfit. On the plan it asks us some questions and we would answer the question like Monday. Instead of writing notes we had to write sentence. On Friday we didn’t learn about Mr Benn we did some hand writing, we wrote our ys , ly, ily and ity .



In maths we have been looking at time.  Each day we learnt something new about time.  We looked at digital time first which took time to get our heads around.


Autumn Term 2016

Year 4 Blog

Cedar’s blog  we 18.11.16

In Cedar we’ve been making an anti-bullying super hero. The hero stopped bullying. As well we wrote a story on a comic strip.

Eve did our fit for 15 this week.  It was a great session.  We went in groups round a circuit I scored 5 baskets. We did football, basketball, throwing and catching and throwing the ball over the cone. We all had a lot of fun it was a great time because we all got fit. Thanks Eve.

At swimming it was front crawl week we all did great it was some good swimming in middle group. In the middle we did this one person would hold on to the legs of the front person while they would swim with their arms then the back person would kick.  We all had a good time except Roselyn because she broke her finger and she’s in a special hospital in London.  All of cedar class hope that Roslyn gets better. At swimming the boys got dressed in their fastest time ever. The boys in Cedar class always beat the girls!

In art we have drawing a picture of a soldier looking at a graveyard or some poppies.

Jack and Jack




In maths, at the stat of the week, we used number bugs as a new resource, to help us with our times tables. Near to the end of the week, we started a times table booklet.  Most of us got up to our nine times tables but some of us reached the end.


In English we were learning about the key features of a report, ready to write our report about Howard Carter who we were learning about in history too. We had so much fun doing all the fun activities about his great discovery finding the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the kings which is in Egypt. Our finished results were absolutely brilliant.


In Science we have been learning the states of matter by drawing the water cycle and carrying out investigations in them.  We were melting chocolate, wax crayons, wax and ice . We were learning about how different substances change in different times and why they do.

Magnolia Bloggers




In science we have been looking at water and it changing temperature. We did an experiment with different water: Red cup = hot, Yellow = warm, Green = room temperature, Blue = iced water. Every 5 minutes we read the reading of the thermometers in the cups. Then we left them over night and all the water temperatures changed  to 15 degrees (room temperature).


We have been continuing to collect ideas for our non-fiction reports about Howard Carter, The Egyptologist. Everyone has decided how to layout their text and pictures. Next week we are going to write the real report.


In history we completed time lines based on the Egyptians. We also completed 7 questions to do with when things happened.


We played a game where we picked a card which had numbers 1-9 then we tossed coin heads = x2 tales = x4 out then we work out the answers and copy into our books with all the different ways of doing the sum.

Special Visitors!!

On Tuesday 11th October the Arsenal Ladies Manager, a coach and the Arsenal mascot came to the school the mascot was a ‘Gunnersaurous ‘called ‘Gunner ‘who was very popular and walked through all the classrooms.


By Martha and James


Year 4 blog



This week year 4 have been learning about Howard Carter and the discovery of Tutankhamen. Howard Carter is an archaeologist and he found Tutankhamen’s tomb. We were focusing on the treasures of the tomb .It was really fun to find out about.


This week in maths we have been learning about metal maths and metal strategies. For example : try and work out the missing number.

Addition Subtraction

4+  =10




This week in science we have been looking at liquids. We found out that liquids take the shape of their container. The kind of liquids that we had were  ketchup ,fruit juice, water, hair gel and soap.

2 minute talks:

We all have prepared a 2 min talk for the last  2 weeks. We also created a mind map of people’s ideas like breathing exercises, reading a book, stroking a pet, watching TV and a special toy. Everybody did an amazing 2 min talk everyone was quite nervous but they all really enjoyed it.


By Freya Snell and Roselyn Deeley


Wb 7.3.16

In year 4 this week we have been learning about perimeter and area in maths. We used lego to investigate. This helped us to understand that perimeter is the distance all the way around and area is the space taken up in the middle of the shape. (GH and FS)

In science we are enjoying learning about digestion. For homework, lots of people made creative posters which show what the digestive system looks like. (BW)

We have been investigating and writing explanation texts for a few weeks. This week we finished this unit off by designing a machine to catch a star and writing about the machines. We know how to use causal connectives like: When you pull the lever, the net shoots out, or If you push the red button, the engine starts to rumble. We are trying to remember to indent our paragraphs. Our favourite machines have been the chapatti machine and the tidy your bedroom machine.

On Wednesday afternoon all of the year 4 classes joined together to rehearse the songs for our Easter performance. We have enjoyed coming up with actions to go with the song. We look forward to performing the songs for you all.


Wb 22.2.16

Lots of good things that happened in year four this week. In English we have been learning all about explanation texts and have used a fun poem about a chapati making machine. We have had to design one of our own and explain how all the levers knobs and other functions work. It was great fun.

In Maths we have been learning to convert measures using capacity. We learned that if you want to convert from a larger unit to a smaller unit you need to multiply and if you want to convert from a smaller unit to a larger unit you need to we have had a go at making Harry Potter potions and learning to measure accurately and estimate and downs and then convert. It’s been good good fun. Some of us have even made mock tales learning to work out how much liquid you would need for two people, for people, six people and more so that we can see measuring of liquid being used in real life.

In Geography we have been we have been learning facts about the upper middle and lower course of a river.

In swimming, Millie our main instructor, is really thrilled because some classes no longer have anyone swimming in the shallow end and she says everybody is doing brilliantly.

Wb 8.2.16

This week in year 4 we all went on an exciting trip to Affinity water. We learned all about the water cycle, river pollution, how water is cleaned in the treatment works and we also pretended to be planners and decided where to build houses, hospitals, factories and farms near a river. It was such fun!

We have also learned a lot about multiplication methods and the bus stop method for division in maths. In English we wrote our own Story from another culture. They were really good!

In PE we have been creating gym sequences individually including rolls and bridges. After we used the apparatus for our sequences.

We are all really tired after a busy half term and are looking forward to a good rest!

Wb 1.2.16

In English we have been learning about stories from other cultures. We have been learning about a girl from Mali called Adonjon who is three years old. She and her mum have to collect water from a well every day.

In maths we have been learning about subtraction methods. We have two methods of subtraction

1. Mental

2. Column subtraction

In topic we have been learning about rivers   and how they start and end. The first step of the river is the upper course which leads into the middle course that leads into the lower course.

In science we have been learning about electricity and how it works.  We have made circuits and tested other materials and seen if the electricity can get through.

Thank you for reading our blog.

By Holly and Caitlin.

Wb 28.1.16

This week in Maths we have been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10, including decimals.  In English we have been looking at stories from other cultures.   We particularly enjoyed the story called The Catch and trying to use adverbial phrases in our sentences ( ask us what they are!)   We have also been printing and designing our own Rangoli patterns. This was great fun, rolling the roller in the ink until it became ‘tacky’.  We all made our own designs on paper and then traced it and sellotaped  it on some Styrofoam where we went over it with pencil.   We had to make sure that the pencil didn’t go through the Styrofoam.  Afterwards we rolled over the pattern with ink and made our design onto large pieces of paper.  They look really impressive!

This week those of us in the school choir went to Young Voices at the O2.  We met lots of people from other schools.  There were more than seven thousand, children singing.   All the children sang the same songs that we have been learning in choir and in assemblies for months! We had a fantastic time singing and performing the songs and didn’t get home until after 11 o clock.  We sang a song called Hyper with a singer called Tom Billington and with Laura Bright (she sang the World in Union at the Rugby World Cup and is a rubgy player herself!)

British Values Week – Year 4

In Year 4 we had lots of fun in British values week.   We learned a lot about debating, the constitution, democracy and the suffragettes.   We were also very intrigued about the British history and we had a really fun homework linking with individual liberty.

To help us to learn democracy we made bunting, posters and had a debate about extending the school day by 2 hours and 15 minutes.  We also dressed up in clothes we wear out of school for hobbies to show our personality and individual liberty.

The homework we had was to present our name in any way we chose.   It was really fun seeing everybody else’s family history. We researched and found out a lot of information about our first and second names.

Our favourite activities and lessons were learning about democracy and the suffragettes.   We also really enjoyed debating as we had never done this before.  By the end of the week we had every detail about the five British values;


Rule of law

Individual liberty

Mutual respect

Acceptance and tolerance of those with other faiths and beliefs

We had loads of fun in British values week and it has made us think a lot deeper into being British.

Georgia and Eva

(Having fun in British Values Week.)