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June 25 2016

Year 3 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

  Year 3 Blog

24h June 2016

In English, we finished editing our recount writing ready to post to Tim Peake.  Some of us read our recounts to Year 5.  We found out the results too!

In Maths, we have been fracturing numbers.  At first it was tricky and challenging but then we found it interesting.

In Science – We visited the allotments to understand how the different vegetable plants grow and what part of the plant is edible.  We designed a healthy meal too!

In R.E we are learning all about the sacred places in Christianity and Islam.  We also cut out our decorated camels for display in the classroom.

In Art, we sketched vegetables from direct observation.  We are developing our sketching techniques by trying not to keep the pencil on the sheet and looking at the subject repeatedly.

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  Year 3 Class blog

 Week beginning: 13th June 2016

In English we’ve been writing a recount about an extra-terrestrial seed growing experiment. Tim Peake, the astronaut, sent us seeds from space and we are writing how it went.

In Maths we have been doing fractions of amounts. We used boxes with compartments in.  We dropped counters in the dips and the amount of counters dropped in, was written as a fraction. We loved it so much, particularly Theo!  

In Science we have been learning and experimenting with, plants.  For example, we were trying to find out to how water is transported through a plant.  We put a celery stalk and a white carnation in food colouring and ink The celery had dark blue dots showing the top of the straw like tubes were.  The carnation had blue tips.  We all had so much fun!

In R.E we have been looking at the Five Pillars of Islam. We were focusing on a religious pilgrimage. We wrote about where we would go if we could. We also decorated a camel as that is what they would use to travel in the older ages!

French/Maths- we are learning le animaux in French so far we know: un cochon, un chat, un chien and je n’ai pas d’animaux. [I don’t have a pet!]

We thoroughly enjoyed going round the classroom asking what animals we had on a tally chart.

In Art we have been designing a tree showing all our learning through the topics and discoveries studied during our time in Year 3.  We have been eager to finish it before the weekend.

In Geography, we have drawn the United Kingdom on sugar paper and we have identified the main rivers and mountain ranges using string for rivers and curled paper for cliffs and mountains!

By Naomi and Holly in Cherry Class


Yr 3 Blog 20/05/16

We have completed the Big Dance which was very exciting.  All of Year 3 took part in the sequence on the playground while the rest of the school watched and applauded.  Contrary to Health and Safety, Mr Joshua filmed the dance from the roof!

We have continued to create a chronological order of man throughout history.  Our depictions are very interesting!   For Geography, we are still collecting bottle tops for an interesting map skills activity. 

We can now talk about parts of the body in French, which will come in handy next term for Science!  We have learned how different plants disperse seeds.   Someone pretended to be a tree and dropped a coconut into a box of water.  It made a huge splash and then floated, much to our surprise!  We had a great time with the practical lesson of looking at lots of different examples of real seeds.  Some of us went to the Spinney with Year 6 to investigate leaf, twigs and seeds.

In Maths, we have continued working on calculations using all operations. 

In English, we are continuing with our recount unit.  We have looked at a variety of recount writing.  We have been creating compound sentences using conjunctions. Some of us have written humorous sentences!



Year 3 Blog 12-05-16


In English we have produced an amazing Cautionary Tale Book for Years 5 and 6 to read.

We are now working on recount writing. We have opened with, Dairy of a wombat and The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish.  We have looked at the skeleton method and the flow chart method of organising the writing.  


In Maths, we have been using the grid method for multiplication and we have had great fun using the chunking method for division.  Some of us have achieved awards with our times tables.

Thursday 12.05.2016

For the Queen’s birthday, we had a tea party out on the playground.

Afterwards, we went over to the infants to sing the National Anthem, Sing and The Red, Red Robin. It was great!

During R.E. this week, we have been looking at the interior design of a mosque.


Year 3 blog – week beginning 2/5/2016

Maths – we have been learning about multiplication and using the grid method this week. We have enjoyed it because we have learnt a new method and used word problems.

Literacy – We have been writing cautionary tales this week and have really enjoyed writing our own. Our favourite was about Jim who was eaten by a lion. Each tale had rhyming couplets and most of them ended in a grizzly end.

Science – we have been looking at how water is transported through the plants stems. We have set up an investigation that we will look at next Monday using plants and celery.

R.E. – we have been learning about mosques and other places of worship and are creating our own mosques out of card.

P.E. We learnt about different types of jump – triple, long and standing jump and we learnt about skipping and running techniques.

Guided reading – we were using the books to find words that show character and setting descriptions.

Geography – We studied our local area and found physical and human features.

ICT – we used iPad’s and padlet to communicate our ideas.

Art – we began to study our art project on mosaics by looking at mosaics that we have around school.


Year 3 Blog wb 22/04/16

In English this week we have been learning about how to adopt the viewpoint of a fairy tale character.

Together we have identified some evil characters from traditional fairy tales studied and we have considered different excuses for their behaviour.

We have then used these ideas to write persuasive letters to persuade and change the readers view of the given character.

How would you persuade us that the Big Bad Wolf is actually kind and good?

In Mathematics this we have been learning about Geometry using mathematical language to describe 2D and 3D shapes.

This week we have learnt to use the terms: Acute, obtuse, angles, right angle, parallel, perpendicular, polygon, polyhedron, symmetry, rotate, translate, face, side, edge, net, quadrilateral, equilateral, regular and irregular etc

In Science we have been learning about shadows and how they change according to the position of the light source.

To finish the week we have all participated in the Sport Relief Mile. Everyone worked really hard and joined in to raise money for Sport Relief. We all had fun even though the sun wasn’t out.

Year 3 Blogger.