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January 28 2017

Year 6


Welcome to Year 6
Spring 2017

Here is our overview of the term ahead and links to websites that can support learning.


Our topic this term is Lost & Found, where we will be focusing on:-

 · The Mayans – investigating the social , ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of a past society

· Identifying countries of Central America and South America

· The rainforest—describing and explaining how locations around the world are changing

· Using geographical resources

 In Maths, we shall continue to cover work in the areas of Number (including fractions), Geometry, Measurement, Statistics, Using & applying skills in problem solving, Ratio and Proportion and Algebra.

In Year 6, all children are expected to know all of their times tables up to 12 x 12.

Please use this website to help you improve and speed up your recall!

 Other maths websites to use:-

In English we shall be looking at:-

  • Report
  • Discussion
  • Persuasion
  • Poetry and performance
  • Biographies
  • Fiction

 We shall continue to build vocabulary and focus on accurate spelling. We hope to foster a genuine love of reading and encourage children to read a variety of texts (predominately quality fiction, as this is proven to expand vocabulary as well as own writing skills and creative ideas.) Parental support at home with this is invaluable.

In Science we shall be learning about Evolution and Inheritance. We will be looking at evidence to support or refute scientific ideas as well as recognising that living things have changed over time. In the second half of the term we will link our Science with our PSHE topic, looking at the human body and how to keep it healthy.

In Art, we will continue to develop our printing skills, bringing in other textures. The children will produce their own printed designs.

In D and T, the children will be designing and creating their own 3D bags where the main focus is combining different fabric shapes. They will be building on their sewing skills used in previous years.

PE this term will be:-

· Gymnastics—bridging, balancing, twisting, turning and asymmetrical body shapes

· Football

· Dance — Pan Gu (a Chinese creation story)

· Hockey

During the winter months, it is important children remember to bring in tracksuits. PE is taught by out specialist PE teacher, Mrs Hutson, and the PE apprentice, Mr Berry.

Computing continues to reinforce e-safety.

Following on from pitching their app ideas, the children will continue to develop their app by carrying out market research. Next they will design the interface for their app. The children will continue to work in their groups.
Using a keyboard efficiently and quickly is becoming increasingly important for our children. This importance will increase as they move on to secondary school. Being able to touch type will be invaluable. The bbc child friendly site ‘dance mat’ is a great place to start – just don’t look at those keys!

In RE we will be exploring similarities and differences between religious beliefs about God. The children will consider ultimate questions in relation to God’s existence and more complex concepts such as The Holy Trinity. In the lead up to Easter, children will identify and describe key Christian beliefs about Jesus.

In French, we will be learning new vocabulary associated with daily routines eg time and meals. In the second half of the term we will learning about different forms of transport; asking and talking about where you’re going and how we get there; plus plans for a trip and buying tickets at a station.


Scale patterns

Compare and contrast music from South

America, Africa and




This will all be taught by Mrs Bull our specialist music teacher.