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May 15 2017

Year 4


Year 4 – Summer Term 1

This half term all our English has been linked with North America information texts. After that we have been learning about stories from other cultures and poetry.

Next half term we will be learning non fiction about the election which will be exciting. Please help your children to take some interest; we will use Newsround to help us with some of the information. We will be learning a bit about how elections work, the voting system and who can vote amongst other things.


We will begin the term by revising mental calculation strategies. We will look at calculating fractions of amounts and adding fractions with the same denominator. We will then move on to comparing and ordering fractions, decimals and percentages.

We are really ttrying to have a drive on times tables- please, please support and help your children to know them in random order with only 3 seconds to answer- they are the cornerstone of all Maths and even learning them by rote will stand them in such good stead. ( If any parents are free to come in and help test the children this would be really appreciated) There are so many apps and on line activities to help too.

Statistics and data handling will be our next unit. We will be suggesting a line of enquiry and the strategy needed to follow it and collect organise and interpret selected information to find answers. We will need to analyse and interpret the data in tables, diagrams, tally charts, pictograms and bar charts, using ICT where appropriate.









Science – Sound!

We will be investigating how well sound travels through different materials and discover how instruments make sounds. We will then be suggesting ways to change the pitch and loudness. We will explore how sounds are made when objects vibrate and that sounds travel through solids, liquids and gases.

What makes a good Scientist?

In order to work scientifically, children have to be able to

• Ask relevant questions.

• Set up simple practical enquiries and comparative and fair tests.

• Record findings using simple scientific language, drawings, labelled diagrams, bar charts and tables.

• Report on findings from enquiries, including oral and written explanations, displays or presentations of results and conclusions.

• Use straightforward, scientific evidence to answer questions or to support their findings.



We Are Web Developers! We will be learning all about Html and coding and we hope to use our new skills to create a web page linked to our Geography topic on North America.

Design & Technology – Quiz Boards

We will be using our knowledge of circuits from last term to create series and parallel circuits for our very own light up quiz boards! We will be doing this over a couple of days, so if any parent is able to come and help with this we'd be really grateful.

 In the next half term we'll being doing digital photography in Art. 


This term we will be looking at Special books we will discuss and compare how the Bible and the Guru Granth Sahib are handled.  We will discuss with the pupil’s how the  Sikh Guru Granth Sahib is welcomed as an honoured guest and placed in a special room or area. This will be compared with how a Bible is used, handled and cared for in church.

Geography – North America.

We will gather information about human and physical geography of different areas of North America. The children will use atlases, non-fiction books- guide books, tourist guides etc. The children will use the eight points of a compass, four-figure grid references, symbols and key to communicate knowledge of the 50 American states.


We will be looking at Native North American Folk music. We will create compositions based on Volcanoes, using a range of different musical structures including Ternary and Rondo forms.


My Friends and Family -This unit focuses on relationships with friends and family. It also begins to focus on more sensitive issues such as personal hygiene and puberty recognising that the changes we experience through life are natural and can be embraced positively.


Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds -This unit explores coping with feelings, such as stress and anxiety. Children learn about the effects of smoking and how to make choices for themselves, including being assertive. The concept of risk is discussed and children learn about the importance of making healthy choices.

Ready, Steady, Go –This unit explores change, where and how to get help, e.g. when playing outdoors, as well as e-safety and keeping personal information safe.  

The children will be participating in athletics and Swimming this half term. 


Polite Reminder
As the weather is still unpredictable, please ensure that your children have a full PE kit in school which includes a jumper/sweatshirt and trousers.  Girls will also need a pair of socks if they wear tights.

Also as Year 4 go swimming please can they have some kind of light coat- something like a pac-a-mac for when its warm but showery on the way to swimming- it’s not fun walking back with wet hair, only to be rained on too!

Healthy fruit and vegetable snacks and water should be brought into school every day!
We thank you so much for all of your hard work and support and look forward to another exciting term!

Mrs Reaney   Mrs Davies    Mrs Rigarlsford     Ms Walters