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January 24 2018

Netball Fixtures

Giuseppe Loporchio

Netball League Timetable 2019

September 29 2017

Year 6 History

Giuseppe Loporchio

The children have been developing their skills as historians using a range of sources including paintings, photographs and first-hand accounts.

July 15 2017

Gardening club blog

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Gardening Club Blog

What a year it has been at Gardening club. It has been hard work, transforming the courtyard, but we did it! We have been gardening every Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime, battling the dastardly weeds and keeping the plants well-watered – which has been somewhat of a challenge with the current hot weather.

Come rain or shine, every week the children have bounced into the courtyard, eager to get their hands dirty.  Their willingness and commitment has never failed to amaze me and the plants have rewarded their efforts by producing a bounty that any gardener would be proud of.

I recall back in dreary February, when Mrs Head presented me with a leaflet for the annual Harpenden Schools In Bloom competition, the feeling of trepidation and excitement.  Could we do it?  Could we really turn these crowded borders into something that resembled an orderly array of plants and vegetables?  The aspect of the competition that concerned me most, was the prospect of making a ‘scrapyard scarecrow’ but I needn’t have worried: my fears were unfounded and the children did a wonderful job of creating Fleur – our now resident scarecrow.  She was lovingly dressed in the finest of garments from Mrs Reaney’s dressing up box, and stuffed with straw donated from Mrs Hutson. She truly is a magnificent sight to behold.

Following an appeal to the wider Harpenden community on social media, I received a plethora of plant pots, vegetable plants and an old bath which now takes centre stage in the courtyard, brimming with colour and life. Not forgetting the wonderful willow sunflower that our very own Ms. Clifford made which stands proudly in the middle of the blooms, watching over its domain from its lofty height.

The three judges arrived to a very excited (and rather giggly) cohort of gardeners from years three to six, who showed them around the courtyard with a passion that only comes from hard work and commitment.  Our resident ants were shown off: the brassicas were marvelled, the courgettes were wowed and Fleur was deservedly adored.  No stone was left unturned and the children were completely, without exception, brilliant.  The judges took lots of photographs and made pleasing comments: they appeared to be very impressed when they entered the courtyard.  Bev gladly accepted three rather large courgettes after the judges had left and promised to transform them into a culinary wonder.

It will be a long summer awaiting the results of the competition on the 8th September but I’m not that bothered really about winning: in my eyes the children are all winners already with me being the biggest winner for having the privilege of working with such a great group of people.  I look forward to the autumn term; working with the children and growing winter vegetables, and getting my hands dirty.

Happy summer everyone.

Mrs Stocker

July 7 2017

Summer Music Concert – July 2017

Giuseppe Loporchio

Summer Music Concert – July 2017

This week, children from every year group entertained friends and family in a concert full of variety, with something for everyone.

The performance opened with an enthusiastic rendition by the choir, of ‘Rather Be,’ by Clean Bandit. This was followed by a 4 part round which was confidently led by children from year 6, who now regularly contribute to warm up activities in weekly choir sessions. Thank you to Mrs Harrison and Miss McCluskey for their fantastic support in running choir.

The summer concert gives an opportunity for children from year 4 to perform a solo on an instrument they are learning to play. The audience enjoyed listening to a variety of music played very professionally on the piano, with performances from Roselyn Deeley, Oliver Goodman, Amy Walker, Jack Howie, Martha Humphreys, Ruari Anthony, and Daisy Turner. Jonah Giles performed one of his own compositions, ‘Alien Invasion’ for the piano, accompanied by a track created on GarageBand, which he also composed. The music was exciting, really well structured and dynamic from the moment it started, and the audience loved it! James Jewell and Daisy Murley played quite challenging solos on the guitar, both of which were played beautifully. James Austin performed a fantastic solo on the saxophone, showing great control in his breathing and tone quality and the programme ended with a confident, exciting and powerful performance from Jess Lucas on the drums. All of these children should be very proud of the achievements they have made this year, keep up the practise!

Our two recorder groups performed a number of different pieces. Mrs Myers group have made great progress over the year and are now performing some technically challenging pieces. Well done to them. Mrs Rigarlsford’s group performed some very beautiful and very complex pieces and managed to achieve great control across the whole range of the recorder. Both groups are a real credit to the school and thank you to both Mrs Myers and Mrs Rigarlsford for giving up their lunch times to run the clubs.

The Orchestra and Samba Band continue to perform with confidence and flair. A new piece for the Orchestra was ‘Another Day of Sun’ from the film ‘La La Land’. Each section of the orchestra has some complicated music to perform in this piece and they wowed the audience with their enthusiastic playing. The Samba Band played their version of ‘Samba Magic’ by Basement Jaxx and different children showed their versatility by swapping with one another to play the different parts. The music was loud and vibrant and loved by everyone!

The concert ended with 2 songs from the choir. ‘Orchard Green’ gave opportunities for some of our talented year 6 singers to perform solos, and our final song ‘Where do we go from here?’ with its theme of ‘moving on’ was a perfect way to say goodbye to our amazing year 6 musicians as they prepare to ‘move on’.

We are so proud of all of our very talented children, not just because of what they have achieved, but because of their commitment and attitude to supporting one another in their different ensemble groups. The children have a lot of fun making music and they make a lot of people very happy when they share what they can do. Thank you Grove musicians!

Mrs Bull

March 27 2017

Harpenden Writing Competition Success!

Giuseppe Loporchio




The Catch

By Isla Fox from The Grove Junior School

Beside a village, next to a shallow pond, sat a desperate little fisherman. Tired and upset, his chin was down, lips trembling and his arms were drooped. “I’ll never be able to feed my loved ones,” the little fisherman thought. He was holding a rod which had a string for a line. So far the little fisherman hadn’t caught anything.  Suddenly there was a tug.  The fisherman reeled in the fish and there before his eyes was a meagre little gold fish.

The fisherman’s smile faded away and his expression changed back.  Then he heard a yelp, it sounded stressed. “What could that be?”  he thought.  The sound emanated from behind some shrubs from an angry looking fox! The poor beast was tied to a tree. Suddenly he was face to face with a dilemma!  “Should I risk getting bitten and help it?” the fisherman asked himself.  His eyes were wide, eyebrows raised and his body tilted. “I will help it.” he decided.

He got out his knife and plunged it into the rope. The fox pounced on the little fisherman and sniffed him.  The little fisherman’s eyes were wide with terror but the fox simply jumped off him and sprinted to the fish, grabbed it and ran off! The fisherman was furious!  His face was scarlet, his fists were clenched and his eyes were tiny with rage. The little fisherman started to chase the fox.  The chase was on!

The little fisherman was getting more angry and more determined to get back his catch. Soon the two came to a tall, vast, mountain. Without hesitation, the fox scampered up. “Wow!” the little fisherman said to himself.  Finally, the little fisherman climbed up the tall vast mountain.  It was extremely foggy so the little fisherman couldn’t see. In the distance, he spotted the outline of the fox. The fisherman dived at the fox hoping to receive the fish.  However, before he had even touched the creature, the fox hurled the fish into the mist.

Unexpectedly the mist cleared, revealing an amazing, huge, magnificent lake.  Inside were shoals of different sized fish.  Out of the corner of his eye, the little fisherman spied something huge and gold.  Turning around, he saw an enormous fish with scales glistening in the sunlight.  The little fisherman’s eyes were wide, his face red with joy and excitement.

Without warning, the fox nudged him softly with a large twig.  The fisherman gently took the twig from the fox and fashioned a rod.

After a few attempts at casting, the fisherman finally hauled in the gigantic fish with glistening scales and a smaller one for the fox.  The fisherman tossed the smaller fish to the fox.  Content, the fisherman heaved the giant fish over his shoulder, turned and walked away.  Once the fisherman was gone from view, the fox faded away into the misty sky.

Many years later, the fisherman handed the fin of the enormous fish up to the gods to say thank you.







Sapphire and the time travelling wheelchair

By Jessica Lucas from The Grove Junior School

Sapphire was an ordinary girl.  Eight years old, she had blond hair, her eyes were as blue as her name suggested and her skin was orchid white.  She loved to wear dresses and her favourite colour was pink.  The only thing she did not like about herself was she had to have a wheelchair.

            Sapphire couldn’t remember the accident that happened the day before her second birthday.  She couldn’t remember her parents either.  She knew they were dead but she still had hope of finding some foster parents.

The room in the care home where Sapphire lived was totally pink.  She had painted her room when she was three with the help of her 6 year old friend Ruby.  She was staring at the walls when out of the corner of her eye, next to the panel on her wheelchair, she noticed a button.

            Suddenly a voice in her head told her to press the tiny red button.  The four zeros on the panel immediately started to whizz around.  They stopped when it read 2008.  The year of the car crash!!!

Sapphire fainted from the shock.  She woke up in a bush. After a short while she peered out wondering what to do.  Where was she?  Cars zoomed past her as she appeared to be at the side of a motorway.

With a booming noise and a shattering of glass a grey car crashed into a red car.  The red car came off the ground, span around and landed on its roof.

The ear piercing noise of all the other cars screeching to a halt made Sapphire scream.  Total silence followed and then sirens accompanied by a baby screaming. She saw the fire man try to walk with a two year old but the baby could not. She realised she was watching herself being strapped onto a stretcher by a paramedic.  She was whisked away in a flash of blue lights and sirens.  Then Sapphire herself, with a puff of smoke found herself back in her room.  She didn’t believe what had just happened to her until she saw a twig stuck in her wheel.  That was reassuring enough but what did it mean?  Had she really just gone back in time? Who would believe her?

Sapphire couldn’t keep it in anymore so she wheeled herself off to find Ruby.  Ruby was in her room as always so it was pretty simple to find her.  Words tumbled out of Sapphire’s mouth so that Ruby could not hear her.  She told her to calm down and went to sit next to her and cuddle her.  Then Sapphire told her very slowly what had happened so she could understand.  Ruby didn’t believe her so asked if she could make it happen again.  Sapphire told her she might be able to make it happen.  The next day they pressed the button feeling very, very nervous and wondering where they would set foot.  The numbers on the panel whizzed once more and ended up on 2007.  The year before the car crash!



Explosion 2: YEAR 6 THIRD PLACE





New Life







By Mariam Al Badry from The Grove Junior School

        Glowing, blood red lava covered our island, a blanket of death descending on us all. All beauty was instantly destroyed; the gardens, the waterfall, the beach, everything. Smoke and sulphur-both deadly substances that can take an innocent life in a very cruel way- lingered in the air. So many killed, so many waiting to be. Including me. Every time I took a breath, it was like inhaling poison, with each movement, I was dragging myself towards death and every time I looked around, I was reminded of the ruthless murderer that ruined my life. Perhaps it would have been better if I did die; if I died, she wouldn’t have had to. I will never forget her amber eyes, her long eyelashes and her thick black hair. My mother’s smooth, honey brown skin and loving smile. I should have just died.

But my father (especially after my mother’s death) had no intention of letting us wither away and die. Suddenly, two days after the eruption, he sprung the news on me that we were to leave the island instantly. Although I hated the thought of leaving without once visiting the grave of my mother, I knew it was the right thing to do. I grabbed an old photograph of her and went with him to find a boat. There was no point in packing, as the volcano stole what little we had.

Rusty and small, the boat which we had found in the harbour belonged to my Uncle. We knew there was no need to feel guilty about stealing his boat for the journey; I tripped over his body (lifeless and cold) on the way to the harbour. I will soon share his terrible fate. Trembling violently, I walked away without looking back, for if I had, I would surely have fallen apart. Like I did on those first nights of the journey.

When I first slept on that rickety boat, I was so exhausted that oblivion had swallowed me whole, giving me no dream at all. But such luxuries you can only have for so long. Night after night, reliving my mother’s last few moments. The main parts were always the same, her shoving me out of our smoke- filled house, the door jamming shut with her still inside, me watching uselessly through the cracked window as she suffocated, my father’s grip on my hand as he dragged me away- the despair in my eyes reflecting in his. However, some of the things I am unsure of change every night, bringing new horrors to me every time I sleep.

It wasn’t just the nightmares. We battled starvation, treacherous weather and dreadful illnesses. Will it ever end? Will we ever find hope? So many unanswered questions. Although I had long since lost track of time, it felt like years, decades even before we saw it.


Shining bright in the darkness, giving us that spark of hope when everything was lost. Because now we could finally have a new life.





October 24 2016

Gunnersaurus comes to the Grove!

Giuseppe Loporchio

Gunnersaurus, girls and football come to the Grove!

Tuesday 11th October saw the annual Harpenden Girls’ Primary Football Tournament held at the Grove school.  It was a lovely sunny afternoon and we were lucky enough for Gunnersaurus, the Arsenal mascot, to make an appearance and referee some of the games. The day got even better when the Arsenal ladies’ manager and international players Alex Scott and Emma Mitchell, arrived to answer questions and pose for photos. They were incredible role models and inspired many of the children.

There were some great games during the afternoon, with fantastic football being played, and good sportsmanship and respect on show.

High Beeches, The Grove, St. Nicholas and St. Dominic’s all made it through to the two nail-biting semi-finals that both went to penalties. The girls were amazing throughout the penalties with the Grove's Ella saving 2 of the spot-kicks.

The Grove and St. Dominic’s contested a very tight final which was won with the very last kick of the game by St Dominic’s. The girls really enjoyed the day and can't wait for next year’s event.


October 24 2016

Wildlife Club

Giuseppe Loporchio

Wildlife Club have been learning about seed dispersal.

September 11 2016

15 for Fit

Giuseppe Loporchio

This year at the Grove Junior School, we are going to raise the fitness and health of every child. Twice a week, for 15 minutes each time, every class will be undertaking an extra session of physical activity. Research shows that a child’s focus and attention, behaviour and feelings towards sport, are all improved with physical activity. The extra sessions might involve games, athletic events or even physical activities that incorporate elements of the curriculum. This will be in addition to the physical education sessions.

Thursday 8th saw the whole school begin their first ‘15 for Fit’ sessions with a variety of activities including: running, fundamentals of movement, games on the playground, and activities involving maths.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were much more focussed when they returned to their classrooms.

April 22 2016

Year 3 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

In Maths, we have been creating our own questionnaires and surveys using Google Forms.  We have evaluated questionnaires and found that different type of questions give certain information.  We know all about, multiple choice, leading, closed and open questions.

This week in English, we have been learning about Fables.  We have read many of Aesop’s Fables and identified the morals.  It has been a little tricky!  We have also enjoyed using ‘Knock Knock Jokes’ to create dialogue and speech punctuation.

In Science, we have started our unit about Plants.  We have collected some plants for observation. 

In PE we are learning a new dance routine. We have learned how perform movements in a sequence.  We have also learned some different throwing techniques in Outdoor Activties.