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July 21 2017

Year 3 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

Summer Term 2017


End of year blog Year 3


wb:  30-06-17

In English we have been focussing on rhyme and rhythm in our Cautionary tales. We have written some lovely tales as warnings to the year 2 children.

In maths we have investigated rounding challenges and fractions. We have used different objects such as hats, dancing children and fishes to find fractions.

In art we have completed our detailed sketches of flowers, magnifying one part to clearly show our observational drawings in detail.

In science we have learnt about the reproductive organs in flowers. We were amazed to find out that flowers have both male and female organs and that with less bees, we may lose species of plants.

In geography, we have been learning about the rivers and mountains of the UK and where they are. We were even able to make a 3d model of our maps.



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23.06.2017 Year 3 Blog




Spring Term Year 3 blogs


In English, we practised our poems for the poetry recital.  We discussed tips in delivery, actions, movement and props.  The performances were brilliant.  Some children used some fantastic props and actions.  We then voted for our favourites to put forward to the year group entries.

In Maths, we had to solve some problems by working out the clues to find hidden Easter eggs.  We were very successful!

In Design and Technology we have researched and compared different types of boxes including their material and purpose.  We have linked this to English and our Magic Box poems.  We then made 3D cubes and cuboids.  We had to measure and calculate the lengths of wood needed from the amount we were given.  We had to saw the wood accurately.  Then we had to use a glue gun to glue the structure together.

In History, we went to Celtic Harmony where we took part in warrior face painting and making headbands.  We also took part in archery, weaving, warrior training before taking part in a quest.  We were awarded some gold Celtic coins for our behaviour, teamwork and knowledge.  Our school had managed to collect more coins than any other school this year!

Happy Easter from all Year 3 Bloggers


Year 3 blog Shakespeare Week

In English, we read a variety of Shakespeare books during independent reading sessions.  We the created Shakespearian style insults starting with ‘Thou art…’ One of our favourites was, thou art a pernicious, fat kidneyed micreant!   We also performed Macbeth.  We were able to play more than one part and several times.  We delivered famous Shakespeare quotes and discussed their meaning which was fantastic.


“Out damned spot,” says Lady Macbeth as she holds her hand away from her.

In Maths, we have been learning to tell the time particularly, understanding the difference between ‘to and past’ the hour using an analogue clock.  We played time games and had to answer tricky worded questions.  We also read the time on digital clocks.

In P.E.  We learned the new game of ‘turbo cricket’ this week, which improves our bating accuracy and running between the wickets in pairs.

In History and Art, we looked at some of the jewellery worn by people in the Iron Age.  We sketched some of the necklaces before creating our own ‘torc’ using pasta, string and straws.

Year 3 Bloggers

Week beginning 13-03-17

In English, we have been learning how to write a chronological recount.  We read and identify the features using biographies of Usain Bolt, Helen Keller, JK Rowling and Roald Dahl.

In Maths, we have recognised right-angles, obtuse and acute angles as being less than or greater than a right-angle.  We have been using directional language to turn 90 degrees.

In P.E. we started country dancing which was great fun and we had to use our knowledge of directions too!  We have been bowling in cricket.  Some of us are pretty good.

In History, we are writing a biography of Boudicca.  She was the leader of the Iceni tribe who bravely fought the Romans.  Apparently she is buried under platform 8 at Kings Cross Station in London.

In Science this week, we were introduced to Boney Bob, who is a life size skeleton, to learn about the skeletons of humans and animals.

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Week beginning 06-03-17

In English, we have written a story focussing on the emotions felt by the main character, a little fisherman.  We watch the silent film, then planned the main parts before we wrote the stories.

In Maths, we generated some questions around the theme of a healthy lifestyle, linked to Science, Computing, and P.E.  We collected data, collect this in a frequency chart and then presented it in a bar graph.  After, we then attempted to interpret the data.

In P.E. we have been developing our skills in SAQ activities which are speed and agility.

In History, we looked at jewellery worn by people in the Iron Age.  Then we made our ‘torc’, using pasta shapes, string, card and paint.  We are also writing a fact file about what we have researched.

In Science this week, we drew and labelled our favourite meal.  We then identified which food group each item belonged to.

In Music, we are finishing our Dagda compositions.  We have enjoyed learning about the beliefs of early settlers, through music.

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wb 23/01/17


This week we have created Wanted posters describing a fairy tale villain and Lost posters describing a good fairy tale character.  We have enjoyed reading and listening to the descriptions.  We also had great fun playing a fairy tale game with dice, creating short stories using some of the features and themes of fairy tales.

We have been learning all about fractions this week in Maths.  We have compared, ordered and found equivalent fractions using a fraction wall to help.  We have decided that we love fractions too!

We planned and carried out an investigation into friction using ramps and cars in Science.  It was jolly fun and required some careful questioning of our team members.  Some of our predictions turned out to be wrong!

In ICT we have continued our unit about presenting and are beginning to plan our work.

In P.E. we have been developing our passing skills and techniques.  We know that if we keep moving then we don’t feel the cold as much!  SAQ.   We were focussing on our running techniques and speed.

In History, biscuits and Stonehenge are not often used together but they have been this week!  We looked deeper at buildings from the past to help us understand the beliefs and customs of early settlers.

Roll on next week.

Year 3 Bloggers


wb 16/01/17

In English this week we have been learning about fairy tales. There are common themes between all fairy tales for example, most fairy tales begin with once upon a time and have a repetition or 3 elements.

In maths this week we have been learning the chunking method. This is a new method for us and we are proud of what we have achieved. Some of us even achieved a 4 digit division. Wow!

In ICT we have been looking at different camera angles so we can understand how to make a film. We are doing this so we can make our own films and be directors. Oliver can’t wait to be like Steven Spielberg.

In P.E. we have been learning about tag rugby and SAQ. We were focussing on our running style. We didn’t want to keep running like elephants or chickens.

In guided reading, we have been learning about playscripts and performing them as groups.

Year 3 Bloggers


Year 3 blog – 17/1/17

We have had a fantastic start to the new year. We are really excited about our new units of learning in science, literacy and particularly multiplication and division in maths.

In English, we watched a silent film and decided it would be a great idea to write a playscript for it. We acted the film out, created the playscripts and then performed these to the class. Next week we will be learning about fairytales.

In maths we have been learning about multiplication and we even got as far as learning the grid method for multiplication. We can now multiply any 2 digit number by a one digit number.

In science, we began our learning about forces, magnets and springs. We demonstrated the forces of push, pull and twist and looked at where these occur in the real world and everyday life.

In R.E. we were learning about the main events of the life of Jesus.

In P.E. we finished our lessons on gymnastics which have been great fun and we are looking forward to moving on to speed, agility and quickness.

In ICT we began learning about how research is done and we created our own questionnaires and research ideas.

Year 3 bloggers.

Autumn Term 2016

Year 3 Blog

Christmas around the world

In English, we have learnt how to read, write and perform our playscripts. We have had a great time using stage directions to deliver lines and add to the performance.

In maths we have created, identified and changed 3d shapes using playdough. We had a fantastic time and were really excited about solving the Christmas pudding mystery by deciphering codes and gathering information from tables.

For our learning logs, we investigated how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

The highlight of the last two weeks has been our fantastic play: Christmas around the world. We really enjoyed the dancing, singing, rehearsing, laughing and writing. We even got to make the props and share our ideas.

Ellie, Adam and Tilly


This week in English we were writing Instructions for the iron/ Stone Age salad, we had an introduction, ingredient, equipment and a method. We used time conjunctions. Some of us did tip boxes.

By Ellie, Ella and Adam


This week in maths we were doing 3D shapes we did a sheet, you had to name the shape and answer the question.

By Ellie, Ella and Adam.

Guided reading

In guided reading we have been learning and reading play scripts. In group E we had one called Murder Mystery Weekend.

By Adam

Apple Blog wb 21-11-16

This week in spellings we have been doing homophones.  Homophones are when a word sounds the same but are not spelt the same, for example knight and night and there and their.  They have different meanings too.

In RE we have been talking about why Angels are important.  e.g.They send important messages from God.

Angels told Mary she was going to give birth to Jesus.

Plus Angels told Muhamad (pbuh) that he was going to be one of Allah’s messengers.

In ICT, we made a sprite to draw a shape. We were first asked to copy a script for the sprite

to draw a circle. It was quite hard to figure out how to make different shapes but we did it.  A

donut is 123 degrees and a square. We changed the degrees.

By Adam, Ellie and Ella



we 18.11.16


This week in the whole school for P.S.H.E it was Anti-Bullying week! We made Anti- Bullying super         heroes, they were GREAT!!! We entered a competion and only one person will be chosen to be the winner! We dressed up at the end of the week!


In year 3, we have been trying to make an excellent game and were debugging programmes.

(On Scratch)

It was like pinball, but it was much harder to make.


In maths we are continuing Column subtraction. Some of us did a guide to subtraction.

By Ellie, Adam and Ella.



In RE we have been learning some of Allah’s 99 names.

We had to write a couple in our books and under it what it means.

Some meant he is always higher than us or that he is as bright as a light.

In ICT we have been trying to make the sprites draw shapes.

Some people made different shapes like squares.

By Ella in Apple


This week, year 3 in English wrote our own “I will take you to Mrs Cole” stories.  They were all fabulous! To make up our own we had to think about a new name instead of Mrs Cole, for example I will take you to Mrs Nobbelly or I will take you to Mr Robbins.

By Ellie in Apple


For maths, Apple has been doing column addition and subtraction. Our first step was without exchanging and second was with exchanging. It was tricky at first but we practiced and practiced!

Exchanging for subtraction is when you have your sum on the column method and if you had numbers that you couldn’t subtract 4 and 9 so you would take a ten and tern 4 into 14. Now you can subtract.

By Adam in Apple



Blog W/E 21.10.2016


We have been comparing the books by Michael Foreman by looking at the style of writing, theme and characters.  We have written descriptions using figurative language by thinking about our senses.  Some of the descriptions were very eerie indeed!


This week we were creating arrays and number sentences with their corresponding division sentences.  We learned that there are many patterns to discover.  We have investigated shapes that have different values which we had calculate by multiplying, to solve the problems.


We have started to plan our activities that we will carry out during Art Week.


We have drawn and described a terrible school using descriptive language linked to our English topic.


We have evaluated our Rocks and Soils unit and discussed what we could bring in to support our understanding in our next unit!


We are learning a song from Ghana which we will share with our global partners in Ghana while they will learn some British songs to share with us.


We have written positive descriptions of different types of Stone Age house similar to Estate Agents.  We have also written Job Adverts for people in the Stone Age.


We have performed our dance as a year group.  Mrs Hutson is very pleased with the final result. We played team games to show off our skills in outdoor PE.

Year 3 Bloggers


Blog W/E 07.10.2016


We have been writing letters from resources, complaining about how badly they are treated.  We offered suggestions which included similes and rhetorical questions.  We have used emotive language and expanded our vocabulary.


This week we were doubling and halving.  We learned that to double, you need to multiply by 2 and to halve; you have to divide by 2.  We then had to double a Roald Dahl revolting recipe using measurement in our answers.


We created hands showing what we know about Islam on one side and Christianity on the other.


We have created Stone Age Kennings as cave drawings.  We were able to apply our noun and verb knowledge to our kennings.  We presented them like graffiti!


We discussed what a terrible school would be like and what it would feel like to attend.  We were lucky because we all knew about the Trunchbull in the school Matilda attended!  We then wrote down who we could talk to if we needed to, on cards.


We have sorted, classified and identified different rocks.  We have discovered where and how rocks are formed.  We have discussed erosion and the effects on our coastline.


We were using instruments to try and play, The Hall of the Mountain King which we did quite well!


We have explored the clothing worn by people in the Stone Age from what was available and the tools used by them.


We have almost finished our dance and soon we will watch each other’s interpretation.  We are developing our chest passing skills in outdoor lessons.

In French, we have been greeting each other.  Sometimes Mrs Clarke calls the register in French, Hungarian, Romanian and Dutch.

Year 3 Bloggers


Blog W/E 16.09.2016

We had a great time celebrating Roald Dahl Week!


We wrote a description of what it must be like in The Inventing Room, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We used adjectives, expanded noun phrases and onomatopoeia.

We wrote a paragraph describing Mr Twit’s beard, using images of mouldy food for inspiration!

We created Wanted Poster for The Enormous Crocodile.  We had to know the crocodile quite well.


We measured Roald Dahl characters of different scales using mm, cm and m.

We also weighed mass, measuring in g and kg.  We made different size tortoises from vegetables inspired by Esio Trot.

We made disgusting medicines just like George, from George’s Marvellous Medicine and measured the capacity of each medicine in ml and l and noted the colour change which occurred

In addition, we had a celebrity guest called Jimmy.  He is 45 years old but doesn’t look it!  Thank you James and Mr Trew for bringing him in for a visit.


We discussed the similarities between Christianity and Islam.  It was very interesting and we found lots of similarities.


We completed our Cave Art drawings linked to three themes, human representation, animal and signs.  We have displayed them to look like a cave!


We gathered together and wrote what we would like to achieve on a medal.   We also wrote what we are proud of on a coin.


We dug for rocks!


We were using instruments to try and play, The Hall of the Mountain King which we did quite well!  Ava was awarded for showing a mature understanding of the musical terminology!




Year 3 Blog

Wb 29.2.16

In maths we have been learning equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting with the same denominator. We know that the top number is called the numerator, and the bottom one is called a denominator.

In English we have been learning about Fairy Tales. We have written a Mixed Up Fairy Tale.  It has been very enjoyable.

In Science we have been learning about magnets. This week we learned that if you put a paper clip in some water, then you have to put a magnet near the container for it to attract.

In PE we have been playing Tag Rugby. We have learned how to do a pendulum pass and a back pass, properly.

Wb 22.2.16

This week in English, we have been punctuating speech and writing in paragraphs to further develop our fairy tales.

In Maths this week, we solved puzzles using addition and subtraction with dominoes.

What two digit numbers can you make with a domino? How many different calculations can you make?

In Computing, we interviewed Fairy Tale characters using filming and editing techniques. In Art we have completed our watercolour paintings, ready to evaluate.


Wb 8.2.16


This week in English we have been learning about fairy tales and their common features. We have worked hard to develop our understanding of characters and setting the scene in order to write fairy tales of our own.


In Maths, we have revisited and applied our understanding of the formal written method of addition to solve problems.

Can you solve the following: Using all 28 dominoes, can you can you create 9 addition calculations. One calculation will contain 4 dominoes showing 2 digit numbers.

Here are some of our attempts but not possible solutions.


Can you find a solution at home?


This week in RE, we have been learning about the parable ‘The Good Samaritan.’ We watched some cartoons that explained the story and taught us about treating each other as equals.

In Computing as part of our Internet Safety day we have been writing raps about the importance of keeping your passwords safe.

We have worked to perform and record some of these using the school radio station which was great fun.

We hope you have a happy half term and we are looking forward to continuing our fairy tale project after half term.

Year 3 Lilac Bloggers.

Wb 1.2.16

This week in English we have been learning about fairy tales and their features. My favourite fairy tale was Jack and the Bean Stalk.

Samuel C

In Maths we have been developing our understanding of weights and measures. We have used scales and we have learnt to convert grams to kilograms and vice versa.  We played a conversion game. It was really fun.

See the link below so you can play.


We have also worked hard to develop and use a range of skills when using water colour paints. We all painted the view from our classroom window.

If you visit our Year 3 page, you will see some wonderful examples.

In addition we are all working hard to improve our handwriting, checking the consistency of size and joins.

Wb 25.1.16

In Art this week, we experimented with watercolours. We explored shade to match the picture we were recreating.

In History we looked at the different sources of evidence to help build a picture in understanding the past.

In Maths we used equipment to measure a variety of objects and parts of the classroom accurately. This included using a trundle wheel, metres sticks and rulers.

In English we used a visual stimulus to explore the effects of different sentence structures on the reader. In addition we have worked hard to develop our handwriting using cursive script.

In ICT we have worked as presenters to show how we have developed our ball skills in PE.

In R.E. we used an animation to help us understand the story of the Prodigal Son and retell the story.

Year 3 Bloggers.

Wb 18.1.16

In Maths, we have been learning the formal written method of subtraction using money and how to calculate change.  We have used different methods to self-assess our work.

In English we have been looking at poems: the most popular was, Who is de Girl? by John Agard.  A very funny poem indeed!

We have taken one step further by writing similes and metaphors about things we associate with being British.

In Science, we’ve been investigating different forces and friction. We learnt about how to plan a fair test and test a hypothesis that a particular material will have an effect on the distance a car will travel.

We’ve been looking at the six most popular religions in RE, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism.

In P.E, we’ve have discussed fair play and who and what is a good sport both as a winner and loser.

We have learnt that British values are taught each and every day.


June 25 2016

Year 3 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

  Year 3 Blog

24h June 2016

In English, we finished editing our recount writing ready to post to Tim Peake.  Some of us read our recounts to Year 5.  We found out the results too!

In Maths, we have been fracturing numbers.  At first it was tricky and challenging but then we found it interesting.

In Science – We visited the allotments to understand how the different vegetable plants grow and what part of the plant is edible.  We designed a healthy meal too!

In R.E we are learning all about the sacred places in Christianity and Islam.  We also cut out our decorated camels for display in the classroom.

In Art, we sketched vegetables from direct observation.  We are developing our sketching techniques by trying not to keep the pencil on the sheet and looking at the subject repeatedly.

Year 3 Bloggers




  Year 3 Class blog

 Week beginning: 13th June 2016

In English we’ve been writing a recount about an extra-terrestrial seed growing experiment. Tim Peake, the astronaut, sent us seeds from space and we are writing how it went.

In Maths we have been doing fractions of amounts. We used boxes with compartments in.  We dropped counters in the dips and the amount of counters dropped in, was written as a fraction. We loved it so much, particularly Theo!  

In Science we have been learning and experimenting with, plants.  For example, we were trying to find out to how water is transported through a plant.  We put a celery stalk and a white carnation in food colouring and ink The celery had dark blue dots showing the top of the straw like tubes were.  The carnation had blue tips.  We all had so much fun!

In R.E we have been looking at the Five Pillars of Islam. We were focusing on a religious pilgrimage. We wrote about where we would go if we could. We also decorated a camel as that is what they would use to travel in the older ages!

French/Maths- we are learning le animaux in French so far we know: un cochon, un chat, un chien and je n’ai pas d’animaux. [I don’t have a pet!]

We thoroughly enjoyed going round the classroom asking what animals we had on a tally chart.

In Art we have been designing a tree showing all our learning through the topics and discoveries studied during our time in Year 3.  We have been eager to finish it before the weekend.

In Geography, we have drawn the United Kingdom on sugar paper and we have identified the main rivers and mountain ranges using string for rivers and curled paper for cliffs and mountains!

By Naomi and Holly in Cherry Class


Yr 3 Blog 20/05/16

We have completed the Big Dance which was very exciting.  All of Year 3 took part in the sequence on the playground while the rest of the school watched and applauded.  Contrary to Health and Safety, Mr Joshua filmed the dance from the roof!

We have continued to create a chronological order of man throughout history.  Our depictions are very interesting!   For Geography, we are still collecting bottle tops for an interesting map skills activity. 

We can now talk about parts of the body in French, which will come in handy next term for Science!  We have learned how different plants disperse seeds.   Someone pretended to be a tree and dropped a coconut into a box of water.  It made a huge splash and then floated, much to our surprise!  We had a great time with the practical lesson of looking at lots of different examples of real seeds.  Some of us went to the Spinney with Year 6 to investigate leaf, twigs and seeds.

In Maths, we have continued working on calculations using all operations. 

In English, we are continuing with our recount unit.  We have looked at a variety of recount writing.  We have been creating compound sentences using conjunctions. Some of us have written humorous sentences!



Year 3 Blog 12-05-16


In English we have produced an amazing Cautionary Tale Book for Years 5 and 6 to read.

We are now working on recount writing. We have opened with, Dairy of a wombat and The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish.  We have looked at the skeleton method and the flow chart method of organising the writing.  


In Maths, we have been using the grid method for multiplication and we have had great fun using the chunking method for division.  Some of us have achieved awards with our times tables.

Thursday 12.05.2016

For the Queen’s birthday, we had a tea party out on the playground.

Afterwards, we went over to the infants to sing the National Anthem, Sing and The Red, Red Robin. It was great!

During R.E. this week, we have been looking at the interior design of a mosque.


Year 3 blog – week beginning 2/5/2016

Maths – we have been learning about multiplication and using the grid method this week. We have enjoyed it because we have learnt a new method and used word problems.

Literacy – We have been writing cautionary tales this week and have really enjoyed writing our own. Our favourite was about Jim who was eaten by a lion. Each tale had rhyming couplets and most of them ended in a grizzly end.

Science – we have been looking at how water is transported through the plants stems. We have set up an investigation that we will look at next Monday using plants and celery.

R.E. – we have been learning about mosques and other places of worship and are creating our own mosques out of card.

P.E. We learnt about different types of jump – triple, long and standing jump and we learnt about skipping and running techniques.

Guided reading – we were using the books to find words that show character and setting descriptions.

Geography – We studied our local area and found physical and human features.

ICT – we used iPad’s and padlet to communicate our ideas.

Art – we began to study our art project on mosaics by looking at mosaics that we have around school.


Year 3 Blog wb 22/04/16

In English this week we have been learning about how to adopt the viewpoint of a fairy tale character.

Together we have identified some evil characters from traditional fairy tales studied and we have considered different excuses for their behaviour.

We have then used these ideas to write persuasive letters to persuade and change the readers view of the given character.

How would you persuade us that the Big Bad Wolf is actually kind and good?

In Mathematics this we have been learning about Geometry using mathematical language to describe 2D and 3D shapes.

This week we have learnt to use the terms: Acute, obtuse, angles, right angle, parallel, perpendicular, polygon, polyhedron, symmetry, rotate, translate, face, side, edge, net, quadrilateral, equilateral, regular and irregular etc

In Science we have been learning about shadows and how they change according to the position of the light source.

To finish the week we have all participated in the Sport Relief Mile. Everyone worked really hard and joined in to raise money for Sport Relief. We all had fun even though the sun wasn’t out.

Year 3 Blogger.