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September 29 2017

Year 3 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

Year 3 Blog WE 29.09.2017

September 29 2017

Year 5 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

 Rowan Class



For these past three weeks we have mainly been focussing on the Ancient Greeks and ancient civilisation of Greek citizens. Recently, we have looked at the Ancient Greek Olympics including how and why they were held!  Research shows that they were held in honour of the Greek god Zeus (king of gods!) There were lots of events including: Wrestling, Boxing, Long jump, Javelin, Discuss and chariot racing. We then researched in greater depth and were told to imagine that we were real historians! During this lesson we looked outside in the courtyard and looked around to see what the oldest things were. This week we are going to write our own Greek Olympic fact-file on Microsoft publisher.


In maths we have been focussing on addition and subtraction. Mr Ferguson has been teaching us lots of different methods to solve maths problems. We were told to use two different methods: mental and formal written method. Most of the questions Mr Ferguson asked us were like: A=adding hundreds, B=ten thousand, C=hundred thousand. Last week we were focusing on rounding which we soon became experts at!

School trips

On the second week of term we visited the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge. Rowan and Acacia went on the Tuesday and Mulberry class went on the Friday. We went around in two groups: Rowan class went off to do some work on a painting while Acacia class had a tour of the Greek section of the museum. We did it for about an hour and then it was time to have our lunch. After lunch the two classes switched their positions so that everyone got a chance to do everything before leaving for home on our coach.

On the 21st of September we joined the other primary schools in the district to celebrate World Peace day. Each school performed their own unique performance.  Our school performed amazing poem collection of three parts: nature, reflective and punchy. We experienced a whole load of wonderful performances: singing, poems, speech and pianist acts.

Harvest assembly

Recently, we have practised for an assembly that we are performing on Tuesday 2nd October 2017. We are going to perform a freeze frame of the Greek myth, Persephone and Demeter. The Greeks made up myths to explain things that they couldn’t! This myth was about the changing of the seasons.



September 29 2017

Year 6 History

Giuseppe Loporchio

The children have been developing their skills as historians using a range of sources including paintings, photographs and first-hand accounts.

September 15 2017

Year 4 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

Year 4 Blog

Autumn Term 2017

Friday 15th September 2017

We started to learn about Tutankhamen and Howard Carter who discovered Tutankhamen’s tomb. Tutankhamen reigned for only ten years, he died when he was 19. He was a pharaoh for 10 years. Every four years the pharaoh ran around a gigantic sand dune 4 times to show they were fit enough to be pharaoh. If they didn’t do it they got stabbed in the heart. When the pharaoh died his wife and servants were killed too so they could be buried together, in the pyramids.

We did partitioning this week and we found it easy peasy lemon squeezy. We also added 10s, 100s, 1000s. I found that fun because we got to show our skills at adding. We also played ‘Hit The Button’ to practise our times tables. Most of us got a turn. Maths is my favourite subject. If you try some maybe you will agree. We played some other fun maths games too.

Written by Tilly and Jacob

Magnolia Class



July 7 2017

Summer Music Concert – July 2017

Giuseppe Loporchio

Summer Music Concert – July 2017

This week, children from every year group entertained friends and family in a concert full of variety, with something for everyone.

The performance opened with an enthusiastic rendition by the choir, of ‘Rather Be,’ by Clean Bandit. This was followed by a 4 part round which was confidently led by children from year 6, who now regularly contribute to warm up activities in weekly choir sessions. Thank you to Mrs Harrison and Miss McCluskey for their fantastic support in running choir.

The summer concert gives an opportunity for children from year 4 to perform a solo on an instrument they are learning to play. The audience enjoyed listening to a variety of music played very professionally on the piano, with performances from Roselyn Deeley, Oliver Goodman, Amy Walker, Jack Howie, Martha Humphreys, Ruari Anthony, and Daisy Turner. Jonah Giles performed one of his own compositions, ‘Alien Invasion’ for the piano, accompanied by a track created on GarageBand, which he also composed. The music was exciting, really well structured and dynamic from the moment it started, and the audience loved it! James Jewell and Daisy Murley played quite challenging solos on the guitar, both of which were played beautifully. James Austin performed a fantastic solo on the saxophone, showing great control in his breathing and tone quality and the programme ended with a confident, exciting and powerful performance from Jess Lucas on the drums. All of these children should be very proud of the achievements they have made this year, keep up the practise!

Our two recorder groups performed a number of different pieces. Mrs Myers group have made great progress over the year and are now performing some technically challenging pieces. Well done to them. Mrs Rigarlsford’s group performed some very beautiful and very complex pieces and managed to achieve great control across the whole range of the recorder. Both groups are a real credit to the school and thank you to both Mrs Myers and Mrs Rigarlsford for giving up their lunch times to run the clubs.

The Orchestra and Samba Band continue to perform with confidence and flair. A new piece for the Orchestra was ‘Another Day of Sun’ from the film ‘La La Land’. Each section of the orchestra has some complicated music to perform in this piece and they wowed the audience with their enthusiastic playing. The Samba Band played their version of ‘Samba Magic’ by Basement Jaxx and different children showed their versatility by swapping with one another to play the different parts. The music was loud and vibrant and loved by everyone!

The concert ended with 2 songs from the choir. ‘Orchard Green’ gave opportunities for some of our talented year 6 singers to perform solos, and our final song ‘Where do we go from here?’ with its theme of ‘moving on’ was a perfect way to say goodbye to our amazing year 6 musicians as they prepare to ‘move on’.

We are so proud of all of our very talented children, not just because of what they have achieved, but because of their commitment and attitude to supporting one another in their different ensemble groups. The children have a lot of fun making music and they make a lot of people very happy when they share what they can do. Thank you Grove musicians!

Mrs Bull

July 7 2017

Mia’s Poster Success!

Giuseppe Loporchio

Well done to Mia for her winning entry in the St Albans ‘Crucial Crew’ poster competition.  Here she is being presented with her award by the Mayor.