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October 21 2017

Stone Age Fun!

Giuseppe Loporchio

Year 3 Blog WE 20.10.2017

October 4 2017

eSafety update

Giuseppe Loporchio

The latest edition of Digital Parenting is now available to view online or download.  There are some excellent articles and plenty of practical advice for supporting children to keep safe online.

The website and magazine can be accessed here:

As with Issue 5, we will be ordering some hard copies to be distributed later in October.




September 29 2017

Year 3 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

Year 3 Blog WE 29.09.2017

September 29 2017

Year 5 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

 Rowan Class



For these past three weeks we have mainly been focussing on the Ancient Greeks and ancient civilisation of Greek citizens. Recently, we have looked at the Ancient Greek Olympics including how and why they were held!  Research shows that they were held in honour of the Greek god Zeus (king of gods!) There were lots of events including: Wrestling, Boxing, Long jump, Javelin, Discuss and chariot racing. We then researched in greater depth and were told to imagine that we were real historians! During this lesson we looked outside in the courtyard and looked around to see what the oldest things were. This week we are going to write our own Greek Olympic fact-file on Microsoft publisher.


In maths we have been focussing on addition and subtraction. Mr Ferguson has been teaching us lots of different methods to solve maths problems. We were told to use two different methods: mental and formal written method. Most of the questions Mr Ferguson asked us were like: A=adding hundreds, B=ten thousand, C=hundred thousand. Last week we were focusing on rounding which we soon became experts at!

School trips

On the second week of term we visited the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge. Rowan and Acacia went on the Tuesday and Mulberry class went on the Friday. We went around in two groups: Rowan class went off to do some work on a painting while Acacia class had a tour of the Greek section of the museum. We did it for about an hour and then it was time to have our lunch. After lunch the two classes switched their positions so that everyone got a chance to do everything before leaving for home on our coach.

On the 21st of September we joined the other primary schools in the district to celebrate World Peace day. Each school performed their own unique performance.  Our school performed amazing poem collection of three parts: nature, reflective and punchy. We experienced a whole load of wonderful performances: singing, poems, speech and pianist acts.

Harvest assembly

Recently, we have practised for an assembly that we are performing on Tuesday 2nd October 2017. We are going to perform a freeze frame of the Greek myth, Persephone and Demeter. The Greeks made up myths to explain things that they couldn’t! This myth was about the changing of the seasons.



September 29 2017

Year 6 History

Giuseppe Loporchio

The children have been developing their skills as historians using a range of sources including paintings, photographs and first-hand accounts.

September 15 2017

Year 4 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

Year 4 Blog

Autumn Term 2017

Friday 15th September 2017

We started to learn about Tutankhamen and Howard Carter who discovered Tutankhamen’s tomb. Tutankhamen reigned for only ten years, he died when he was 19. He was a pharaoh for 10 years. Every four years the pharaoh ran around a gigantic sand dune 4 times to show they were fit enough to be pharaoh. If they didn’t do it they got stabbed in the heart. When the pharaoh died his wife and servants were killed too so they could be buried together, in the pyramids.

We did partitioning this week and we found it easy peasy lemon squeezy. We also added 10s, 100s, 1000s. I found that fun because we got to show our skills at adding. We also played ‘Hit The Button’ to practise our times tables. Most of us got a turn. Maths is my favourite subject. If you try some maybe you will agree. We played some other fun maths games too.

Written by Tilly and Jacob

Magnolia Class



July 21 2017

Year 5 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

Summer Term 2017

Year 5 Blog

Week beginning: 17/07/17



It has been a very exciting last week in Year 5.  On Thursday, we were lucky enough to take part in a live Skype session with the Jorvik Centre in  York.  We heard all about everyday life during Viking times.  It was great to see genuine Viking artefacts and hear about their value.  For example, we were shown a Viking comb which was very valuable to Vikings as it meant they could comb out all the lice which lived in their hair!

In the pictures, you can see one of year 5 asking a question.  The teachers were very proud of how well we sat and listened for a whole hour and how we asked really interesting questions. We were amazed by how much knowledge the ‘Viking’ had!

We also completed our Viking rune bags.

Happy holidays!

Year 5 bloggers

Week beginning 03-07-17

In English this week, we have started writing our first person recounts from the point of view of either a Viking invader or a monk on the island of Lindisfarne.  We have tried really hard to make our writing dramatic and full of emotion.

We are enjoying making our Vikings runes bags in DT although the sewing is quite tricky for some of us!

On Wednesday, we watched the very funny Year 6 play.  Rowan also enjoyed watching the Year 4 Cuffley Camp assembly.  Acacia and Mulberry will be watching it next week.

Year 5 represented the school in the Harpenden Year 5/6 Rounders Festival and came a brilliant 2nd out of 8 teams!  What an achievement!

Year 5 bloggers

Week beginning 26-06-17

This week, we stepped back in time to re-enact the Viking invasion of the holy island of Lindisfarne.  We painted our faces to intimidate the peaceful monks, just as the Vikings had done centuries ago.

In maths, we measured our bedrooms and worked out a scale to draw it onto paper.  Mrs Wilding gave us a budget of £500 to buy new furniture but we had to make sure it would all fit.  Using the iPads, we looked online for prices and dimensions using Argos and Ikea websites.

Year 5 bloggers

Week beginning 12-06-17

We have had a packed week in year 5!  In addition to all our usual lessons, we also had a trip to the Bushey and Radlett synagogue on Thursday morning.  We had a very interesting talk, followed by the chance to try on some of the traditional Jewish clothes and try some challah bread, which was delicious!

In Science, we have been learning all about friction and devised an investigation to try different surfaces.


Week Beginning:  08-05-17


On the 11th of May, year 5 held our Oscars night in the hall.  We watched the films that they had made. For the weeks leading up to the night, everyone went around the school to do filming and editing . On the night all the parents came to watch the films and everyone was dressed up in their finery. After that, the children went to play outside and have snacks. Soon the awards would be given out and tension was building up as everyone wanted to know you would win. Everyone sat back down in the hall and the children were nervous but hopeful that they would win. The teachers called out the names of the children who had won.

Everyone held their Oscars with pride and glory. We were all excited about our awards but sad that all the fun filming, editing, costumes and preparation was over!


In art we have continued focusing on Barbara Hepworth. We decided to make collages on our special places.

Molly and Louisa (Rowan)


Week Beginning 01/05/17

On Tuesday we had ‘Chance to Shine’ cricket which we will be having every week this half term. As the Oscars are next week, we decided that we would do some last minute filming as well. The next day we had another P.E lesson where we had a District Sports trial for the long distance running. As well as the trials, we had a practice for District Sports long jump. In maths we did some challenges where we had to find out the three missing numbers in some calculations that were set out in column method. We have also done some art this week where we are making collages based on Barbara Hepworth.

Last minute editing and filming


Week beginning 18-04-17


This week in English we have been learning about Barbara Hepworth.  We have been using our note-taking skills to make notes from some videos we watched and using websites on the laptops.  We used our notes to write a biography about Barbara and soon we will be putting what we have written in our English books, into our art book, but before we do that we are going to check for missing words and random capital letters.


This week in Mrs Wilding’s maths group, we have been converting measures. On Tuesday we started doing answering some problems about different units of measurement. On Wednesday we walked around and on each table there were different objects and we had to find how much the things weighed in metric and imperial units.

In Mrs Bolshaw’s maths, group we have been putting numbers in between number lines.  For example, you have 223,870 where would you put it between 100,000 and 1,000,000? We had to put it on a number line.


We chose a picture of a Barbara Hepworth sculpture which we transcribed into our art books.  Next week we will start to think about our own collages inspired by her work.

We have also continued with our Oscars filming.  Some groups have nearly finished filming and will be busy editing next week.

Rowan bloggers:  Izzy, Leah and Matthew



Spring Term 2017

Year 5 Blog


Week beginning 27-03-17

In year 5, we have had a busy week starting our filming.  We have been putting into action all of the skills we have been learning about in the last few weeks.  We have found that just a few seconds of action can take a long time to film! It has been tricky to find quiet spaces to film in, but we have enjoyed overcoming the challenges.  Some of us have started to edit the films on the iPads and have added sound effects and music using iMovie.

Year 5 bloggers


Week beginning 20-03-17


July 21 2017

Year 6 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

Summer Term 2017

Year 6 Blog

We can’t believe how far we have come this year! There is not a single person in y6 that has not had a fantastic year; we have all achieved so much. Without a doubt, everyone in the class is proud of the things they have done: SATs, Kingswood, the year 6 production- and the list goes on! Mrs Harrison, Mrs Berry and Miss McCluskey have helped us to progress massively through the year, I sure everyone will agree, and we will all miss them and all the amazing staff who have helped us during our time at the Grove. While the end of year 6 is quite chaotic, we will never fail to look back fondly on our time here.

However, all these achievements would never have been possible without all the fantastic teachers and teaching assistants who have helped us greatly this year. Those who have helped us will always be with us and we would like to sincerely thank them. While we look forward to secondary school, we are also very sad to leave!

Grove Leavers 2017


Year 6 blog-16.06.17


This week in English we finished our crime stories on the visit from Legal Eagles. Also we started writing our Kingswood diaries in our English books.


This week in maths Miss McCluskey’s group did an investigation to do with Chess and a ‘knight’s move away’ on a hundred square grid. Mrs Berry’s group we did an investigation on hearts: love and the actual beating heart.


In science this week we have been learning about microbes (micro-organisms). We did multiple activities about them including designing our own microbe. We also mixed water, yeast and sugar in a bottle. Then we placed a balloon on the top and saw what happened. Nothing happened at first but once we shook it, the balloon started to inflate. After that we worked how fast bacteria multiplied in a throat.

By Grace, Noah and Jess J


wb 05-06-17

After an amazing week at Kingswood and a relaxing half term, Year 6 started work again! Our main focus this week has been on writing.

Tuesday was our first day back and we had a fantastic visit; the Legal Eagles came in! When they came in, we discovered that the leaders were magistrates and we were to act out a court case.  After an exciting morning, the afternoon was spent writing a story about the case; a boy stealing a pack of earphones from Tesco.

It was Race for Life day! Wednesday brought with it hundreds of children (dressed in blue) to participate in the run. At the beginning of the day, we continued to write the story and perfected it! After a hard-working morning, we got ready to race for our lives! The whole event had a bubbly atmosphere and everyone was excited to raise money. The bell was rung and everyone started: running/walking/jogging. All the teachers put a mark on a sticky label to mark the end of a lap- the most amount of laps achieved was 23!

On Thursday, we created a plan for doing our persuasive writing to convince people to travel to Vietnam. Having thought of phrases ready to use in our writing, we made a plan for an organised piece of writing, we were ready to write!

Unexpectedly, we ended up re-writing our court case story to neaten it up and make sure that it was  fabulous! After working incredibly hard this week, ahead of us was a relaxed afternoon, watching tennis and having golden time.

By Lottie, Lauren and Mariam




This week, in English we have been focusing on a book named ‘The Giant’s Necklace’. We’ve been seeing which words and phrases didn’t make sense then we would go through it as a class. It had a hooking ending and we really enjoyed it. Now we are focusing on writing a diary entry from Cherry’s (the main character) perspective.


In Art, we have been doing RE related sketches. We were inspired by Paul Gauguin whose painting was called ‘The Yellow Christ’. We were discussing about how he set the cross in where he lived and when he lived-late 1800’s to early 1900’s.  Then we had a go.


In Mrs Berry’s class, we have done conversion graphs and line graphs.

In Miss McCluskey and Mrs Harrison’s class, we have percentages, decimals and fractions.

In Ms Walter and Ms Clifford, we have been recapping what we had been doing in MOCK SATS week. We were mostly focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages.

By Grace, Enny& Noah J


Week beginning 20-03-17


This week in topic, we have been learning about the Maya. We made mind maps on all the things that we know about them. For example how the Maya traditions still carry on today and how they lived life.


In English this week we have reading a new book called ‘The Vanishing Rainforest’ we have had to start writing part of the story from a different characters point of view.


In maths this week all classes have been going through test papers and seeing what they could improve on.  In Mrs Berry’s class we have been doing algebra.



Week beginning 17-03-17

Mock S.A.Ts

This week, year 6 have been preparing for their S.A.Ts in May with Mock S.A.Ts (practise S.A.Ts).

On Monday, we did a reading test. Some of us found it quite challenging; eventually we all got through it successfully. Tuesday’s tests were SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) Next we did a spelling test with 20 words to attempt.

On Wednesday, we did an Arithmetic Maths test which is just calculations. Then we did a Reasoning test (maths problem solving test) Lastly, on Thursday, we did a second Reasoning test which, for some of us, was slightly easier.

We did all tests using the S.A.Ts rules and Mrs Harrison was impressed with us all! Now everyone is excited for the upcoming S.A.Ts in May………..

By Rhianna S and Musu N

Maths- Mrs Berry’s group

In maths this week, we have dedicated our time to mock-SATs. Although we are still doing our mocks, we worked through our maths tests in the hall as we would in our real SATs; it seemed very scary but helped to put us in the right mind set.

Our first test was the arithmetic test; we had 30 minutes to complete it. The next two were reasoning assessments where we worked through questions that covered the entire maths curriculum including word problems. For these tests we had 40 minutes, as they were slightly harder.

The equipment used for these tests were: mirrors, rulers (long and short), protractors, rubbers and sharp pencils. Even though we all were slightly nervous, it has helped us learn and prepare for our actual SATs in May.

By Rosie and Mariam


Fit For Fifteen: Kung Fu Fighting with Anneka

First of all, Anneka sang the Kung Fu Fighting song and did some movements that we all copied (including Mrs Harrison.) Some of the movements were kicking upwards, punching and shouting. Everyone was laughing their heads off!  Anneka had done a good job of teaching us. After we finished our session with Anneka, Mrs Harrison took over and we learnt some Body Combat , including the movements: upper cut, the hook and the jab. We used these different styles of punching to create a mini sequence that we kept on repeating over and over again until we got quite tired and knew it off by heart. Everyone is the class thoroughly enjoyed the lesson of Kung Fu Fighting and Body Combat! By Corran and Mia


This week, Redwood started a new topic in P.E and we are focusing on making up (in a group of 5 to 6 people) a Gymnastic routine with apparatus that we were given to us by Mrs Hutson. We found this very fun as it progressed. Mrs Hutson has asked us to use different moves such as: dish, partner support as well as different styles of travelling.

By Daniel P and Max M


In RE we discussed about the characteristics of Jesus from different points of views from people such as himself, his friends, enemies and your own opinion. To help us, each table had a Bible so we investigate what kind of feelings he had long ago. An example is when he washed his disciples’ feet and told them to do that to others. Many children had different ideas about him. We thought about how he reacted to people who called him King or Lord.

By Sarah and Olivia


Maths with Mrs Harrison!

This week has been tough because we have been doing MOCK SATS! On Monday, we did some revision about strategies we may have forgotten e.g. angles!

On Tuesday, we started doing the tests! The first one was the arithmetic test! Everyone did really well. Darcy and I are very pleased with our score! On Wednesday, we did a reasoning test (which was a lot harder.) On Thursday, we did another word problem paper but this one was a bit easier! On Friday, we are going through our tests!

Darcy and Ashlea


On a very sunny Wednesday, Redwood went outside and looked at where moths would survive and wouldn’t. When we came inside, we shaded 3 moths (2 green and 1 red). Green stood for where the animal would survive and red where they wouldn’t. We annotated them and wrote why they would/wouldn’t live.

On Thursday, we looked at Darwin’s finches; we explained why their beaks were different. In the end, we figured it was because of what they ate. Later on, Redwood planned a letter from Charles Darwin about publishing his book (On the Origin of Species my Means of Natural Selection).

Well done to all of year 6 for trying very hard all week! Mrs H


Year 6 Blog wb 27-02-17


This week in Miss McCluskey and Mrs Harrison’s maths group we have been learning about coordinates/ missing coordinates. We have had to our knowledge of coordinates and apply it into word problems. In Mrs Berry’s maths group we have been doing metric units this includes millilitres, metres etc.


This week in science we had fun learning about inheritance. We looked at dog breeds and how they can cross between different types. We noticed how dogs can inherit and acquire their parent’s features. As well as this we looked at how humans can inherit things not only from their parents but people from other generations as well!


In English we started to write a balanced argument on whether or not rainforests should carry on being cut down. This is called deforestation. We have had to include many features from a balanced argument. For example a question to start the argument , passive and active voice ,facts and statistics ,a formal tone ,model verbs and much more.


During RE year 6 have been comparing the Islamic belief to the Christian belief. Christians believe in the trinity. This is god the creator/father, god the Holy Spirit, god the son (Jesus) all joining together to make god. However, Muslims believe that Allah (their god) is the only one and does not have any partners.


By Lydia Moloney, Tess O’Sullivan and Grace Ridgeway


Redwood blog wb 20.2.17


On Monday, we looked at our spellings (which were homophones.) In pairs, we filled out a homophone crossword. This week in English, we have been doing cross-curricular work: Topic and English. We created a fact file about rainforests and deforestation. Each individual got given a character and had to argue as that person. Also, we jotted down what our character thought about deforestation in our jotter. Then, we played a game in which we argued various motions on our tables. We used technical vocabulary and connectives. In addition, we made a talk map for our balanced argument about deforestation. We drew pictures to go along with it. English was really fun this week!

Lottie and Anneka

Fit for 15

On Thursday we played a game called hide and seek it (family it).This game managed to get the children’s heart racing whist having lots of fun!

By Will B and Daniel P


This week in maths, we have been learning about pie charts and 3D shapes. The shapes we have focused on the most are: prisms, polyhedrons and tetrahedrons! We have also been learning about nets ; when they are open and not in their original shape . Nets are open shapes for example a cube [an open cube]. We all tried our best in the Arithmetic test today as well!

Darcy and Ashlea


This week, in science we have been studying evolution and fossils. While some children bought their own fossils in, others studied the ones given to them by Mrs Harrison. After we analysed the fossils, we drew and labelled them, which was extremely interesting. We then drew our interpretation of a woolly mammoth. The drawings were different in: sizes, shapes, colours and some had a trunk which some didn’t. Many of us based it on Ice Age! Finally, we were given play dough and we had to create a fossil. Some were long and plain, meanwhile others were circular and had patterns on them. The patterns were cleverly made with different objects from our pencil cases. We all enjoyed the lesson this week; it was very fascinating!

Mariam and Mia


Redwood Blog wb 30.01.17

English Blog

In English, we have been focusing on the subject of debating/ balanced argument. Our main topic has been’ Should Daleks be allowed to live in Harpenden?’ Our first task has been to write a talk map about reasons ‘For and Against’.   The class looked at connectives that are used in a debate. We have also been writing a plan for our big piece of writing for this debate. Lots of the children came up with excellent reasons for and against the Daleks being allowed to live in Harpenden! Our writing will be finished by next week……

Noah and Max

Maths – Mrs H’s group

In maths we have learned about Ratio and Proportion. Ratio means comparing a part to  another part; Proportion means comparing a part to the whole. For example in a class there is 30 children so the proportion to girls and boys is 20 to 10 or 2:1. We moved around different tables doing different activites which were all about ratio and proportion. On Thursday we did a maths investigation; it was quite hard but when you get the hang of it, we managed it! I was very happy to beat last week’s score in my Arithmetic test!


Blog- Mrs Berry’s maths group

In Mrs Berry’s maths group this week we have been looking at 3D shapes. On Monday this week we were looking at more advanced 3D shapes like a tetrahedron and the octahedron.

Also we were finding the properties of 3D shapes like the vertices, edges and faces. E.G:


8 vertices

12 edges

6 faces
















Luke B

Maths Ms Walters’ Group

On Monday, we were learning about angles. We drew different types of angles and measured them with a protractor. On Tuesday we learnt about fractions. On our whiteboards, we wrote examples of what we know about them. On Wednesday, we carried on from what we did on Tuesday. On Thursday, our maths group were adding up numbers to make 180 and 360 degrees. On Friday, our group were adding two angles of a triangle to make the third angle. We enjoyed maths this week!

Beth and Musu

This week in French we have been looking at what people do in their day. We started off by looking at an animation which told us lots of different times and activities .Then it was our turn! We were given a sheet and had to ask our partner what they did in their day (obviously in French). Redwood class really enjoyed learning French this week.

By Daniel P and Zach M

Fit for 15

On Tuesday 31st January, Redwood class went outside for some hula-hooping fun! Lottie and Mariam organised a competition to find the best hula-hooping mastermind. Everyone got into pairs with one hula-hoop between them. One at a time, they hula-hooped with the other person timing them. Out of the pairs, the best time was given to us. 5 seconds or lower are out. We went up to 15 seconds and two people were left in – Mariam and Mia. Time for a hula-hoop off! Dan timed them and whoever’s hoop dropped first would be second and the other would come first! 28 seconds later and Mia was in shame. Mariam had won!

Time for another round! Everyone repeated the process and in the end it came down to Max and Mariam. After 31 seconds, Max’s hoop dropped and Mariam continued. Two whole minutes later, Mariam’s hula-hoop fell to the ground. Our 15 minutes were unfortunately up and everyone had enjoyed it! Redwood class will definitely be hula-hooping again!

By Mariam and Lottie

This week in year 6 Redwood class we have been doing quick sticks and tag rugby. On Monday we had our first lesson of quick sticks; we started off with the basic rules as most of us had forgotten. Firstly we got a ball and some hockey sticks so we could play piggy in the middle. It was great fun and we all got the hang of it. Next we got a ball each and started to dribble (some of us tried the Indian dribble). Soon after that, we dribbled in and out of cones as a team- we were in our house groups. It was great fun.

Two days later we had tag rugby and unlike quick sticks, we had already had a few sessions. To start with we had piggy in the middle. Next, we went into an enjoyable game called toilet town. Toilet town is a game where you play mini 3 minute matches. If you win, you move up a court and if you lose you stay where you are unless you’re at the top pitch (Twickenham) where you move to the bottom pitch Toilet town. It was great fun and it was a good way to end P.E that week.

By Josh Robinson and Will Harris


On Wednesday we had our science lesson and learnt about evolution. In our books, we wrote what we already knew about fossils. Here are a few examples: fossils can be found under the sea or under the ground, they are very old and they are not always from extinct creatures. We looked at a power point about different forms of fossils and watched a video on you tube. The name of the video is ’19 creatures that you are glad don’t exist.’ The video had some gruesome creatures and there was one creature that was just a bit different from the normal horror creature. (A spider, but the only difference was that it was as big as a class room! Some of us had to turn our heads away from the screen.)  The Power point told us about mold fossils, petrified fossils, cast fossils and preserved fossils. Also, we asked lots of questions and got very good answers back from Mrs Harrison. We all had lots of fun and are looking forward to our next lesson!

On Tuesday, Redwood had a lesson on R.E . where Mrs  Edbrook  was teaching. We discussed what we thought in our heads when we heard the word God. Our class had some amazing ideas! We looked at probability  lines . The class were given dilemmas as table groups and decided for ourselves if they had no chance of happening , not very likely chance of happening , likely chance of happening and definite chance of happening

By Lenny

wb 16-01-17

The O2 trip

On the 17th of January, 81 children, plenty of helpful adults and a terrifically talented music teacher (AKA Mrs Bull) went on a musical quest to the O2 arena in London. We departed from the Grove at 10:30 carrying our food and wearing our YV t-shirts and arrived excitedly at mid-day. When we arrived, we were all famished so we settled down- inside the dome- to have lunch. After lunch, we made our way into the official arena for the rehearsal! We ended up staying in the arena until the concert ended at 21:15. In the meantime, we had our packed dinners.

The concert was absolutely amazing! There were roughly 7,220 children singing; the sound was impeccable! Many guests starred in the performance, adding to the excitement. When all of us used our Young Voices Torches it looked like the night sky littered with stars; the arena was pitch black. It looked very magical – you almost wanted to cry with joy!

At the end of the day, despite being completely exhausted, we were all buzzing with happiness. All of us really enjoyed it and it will remain in our hearts forever! We would like to thank Mrs Bull, Mrs Harrison and all the other kind, helpful staff that looked after us throughout the day! J

By Mariam and Rosie, Year 6

This week in year 6 we have been studying rainforests in English and science. We have also been studying the world using atlases.


We have been writing scripts to recreate the style of David Attenborough, so we can do a voice over on a nature programme. We have had the option to choose whether we get to do a polar bear, a spider monkey, a panda, a glass frog or a penguin.


In Geography, we have been studying the world by using an atlas. One task was about time zones around the world and how they compare to each other. Other tasks included the longitude and latitude lines of the world and the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn.

Elder boggers: Tess, Grace and Lydia 20-01-17


wb 09-01-17

All of Redwood have really enjoyed coming back after Christmas! We got to do fun activities such as hunting for furry caterpillars in Science – we got to name them and if we misbehaved they were taken off us-watching clips from Planet Earth (while doing pieces of writing about them) and learning about the rainforest in English!

In Mrs Berry’s maths group, we have been looking in depth at 2D shapes and their properties. Meanwhile in Mrs Harrison’s maths group, we have been doing word problems with units of measurements.

In PE, we have been doing tag rugby and dance. Dance, which is in the hall, has been focused mainly on ballet. We have been creating dances based on the industrial revolution. At the same time, tag rugby has been very enjoyable, mostly on the field.

RE has been focused on Buddhism, as we recapped the story of the Buddha. This has also been the subject of many debates; we are all intruiged.

In addition to this, in science we looked at the fascinating subject of evolution. We thought about natural selection and Charles Darwin, which has been very interesting.

Overall, the first week back has been exciting and everyone has learnt something new.

Mariam and Lauren



Year 6 Autumn Term

Year 6 Blog

Christmas around the world

In English, we have learnt how to read, write and perform our playscripts. We have had a great time using stage directions to deliver lines and add to the performance.

In maths we have created, identified and changed 3d shapes using playdough. We had a fantastic time and were really excited about solving the Christmas pudding mystery by deciphering codes and gathering information from tables.

For our learning logs, we investigated how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

The highlight of the last two weeks has been our fantastic play: Christmas around the world. We really enjoyed the dancing, singing, rehearsing, laughing and writing. We even got to make the props and share our ideas.

Ellie, Adam and Tilly






In maths we have been learning about percentages of a full and semi circle. Also we have been learning algebra and different signs.


In English we have been learning all about chimney sweeps in the eighteen hundreds to the early nineteen hundreds. Now we are moving subject to story writing.


In year six we have done five laps, netball and gym. In the five laps we had to run around the field five times as fast as you can. In netball we have been learning how to pass, shoot and pivot which is turning on the spot.


Redwood Blog wb 28-11-16

This week in maths we have been linking our maths to art week. We have been working on shapes such as circles, triangles, octagons and nonagons. On Monday, we identified shapes from a piece of art by Kandinsky which included lots of maths related shapes. As well as that, we looked at parallel lines, perpendicular lines and all the different types of Triangles.

On Tuesday we drew our own version of Kandinsky using of 2D shapes which were all together. After that, we identified all the shapes and wrote them around it. . Although we didn’t have much time, our drawings looked fantastic. On Thursday, we used a protractor to measure angles on our shapes; some of us found that quite tricky! On Friday we hope to get a better time in The Torture Test and a better score in the Arithmetic Test.

Will, Lenny and Luke (Mrs Harrison’s group)

As it was art week, we have been working with shapes in maths; the main artist we focused on was Kandinsky. The reason we concentrated on this artist was because he used shapes in his artwork.

At the beginning of the week, we used compasses to create accurate circles (we kept on trying until we mastered it). When we were confident enough, we created circles inside circles-it was really fun but hard-.  After that, many pictures were created by the circles and other shapes for example: the Olympic rings, faces and animals.

Later on in the week, we used Kandinsky’s art to create our own pictures made out of different types of shapes. Some pictures created by children were like the real picture.

Will and Josh (Mrs Berry’s group)

In 15 for Fit this week, we decided to do an activity that involved equipment. In this activity, the children were split into four groups. They had to nominate someone and in twenty seconds they tried to score as many baskets as they could. The number of baskets they scored was the amount of steps their team can take towards the centre of the netball courts. Once everyone had taken their steps forward, they re-elect a shooter; the process would begin again. The aim of the game was to be the first team to reach the middle circle and this would be the winning team. Two teams drew so there was a joint first place!

By Mia and Mariam

This week has been art week so we have been doing a relief collograph. A lady (Sue) came in and showed us how to collograph; we were all very excited and ready to go! Firstly, we had to cut out some cardboard which was going to be the plate. Then everybody started to draw their sketches. Once everyone had finished drawing, they placed their cardboard underneath their sketch and pressed down hard on the pencil so you could see the outlining. After this, the children cut out the cardboard and then stuck it down onto another piece. When everybody had finished, an adult came round and covered our plates with bottom varnish.

Once the varnish has dried, we were then allowed to start printing. After choosing our ink, we put a scrap piece of paper underneath our plate. Then we got a spoon and used the back of it to rub the picture so it would come out well. When we had finished rubbing, we lifted up our paper and found…..a wonderful print . Although we enjoyed printing, it was very hard!

Zach and Will

For our spellings, we are looked at homophones (for example: there, their and they’re.) We had to write nine sentences which are: Three sentences for there; three sentences for their and three sentences for they’re. Although we are meant to learn about homophones, our knowledge of their, they’re and there was not very good because we keet on making silly mistakes in our writing! The meaning of there, their and there are: there means (in a statement), their means (someone’s belongings ) and they’re means (instead of they are).

Ben and Noah

On Thursday, we looked at the daily life of a Victorian chimney sweep which was very nasty. We started off by making a descriptive spider diagram to describe a chimney sweep; we used words such as melancholy, anxious, petrified (we got extra house points for using metaphors and similes!) When we had finished the spider diagram, we got our English books and started a 2 paragraph long description of a chimney sweep in the Victorian era. We will continue this on Friday.

By Maxwell and Brendan

In P.E this week Redwood class have been building up their routine from the last two weeks. But this week we were had to find a piece of equipment that fits into our sequence. Although some apparatus was hard to use, there was always a way for it to fit in. We had half an hour to progress from our previous routine. Mrs Hutson said that to make a successful performance (and we all did ) we had to listen to each other ideas. The end result was very successful and every group had a sequence to show.

Dan and Ellis







This week in Year 6 (Acer) ………

Today we have had a non-uniform day and we all brought in jars filled with sweets etc and donations for the Christmas bazaar. We are all looking forward to a fun day and raising for the school

In fifteen for fit we played a game called hot potato. We all had to run around and pass the ‘hot potato’ (which was really a small ball) and whoever was left with the ‘hot potato after 30 seconds was out. If was a fun way to keep fit.

On Monday we did a project on the Navvies. We had to move to the music room because there was a problem with the plumbing in our classrom! Mrs Berry said that we behave very sensibly despite the change of rooms.

See you at the Bazaar!

Charlie & Lexi


YEAR 6 BLOG we 18.11.16

Anti-bullying Week

This week the children of Grove Junior school have been learning about anti-bullying. We had a lesson where we made our own characters which can solve bullying. We also had some questions and we had to say if they were bullying or not or if we were not sure. One question (if Miss McCluskey went to sit with Mrs Berry and Mrs Harrison but they said she can’t sit with them would it be bullying?) caused a lot of discussion.


In science we have started learning about electricity. We have learnt some new vocabulary such as cell, push switch and many more. We have also learnt about the symbols for example motor is a [m] with a circle around it.


In music we have been learning about West Side Story because it is to do with bullying. We then made it into our own. Three groups used the feature of clicking. Some groups used the feature of a tension build up.


In pe we are doing netball and gym. In gym we have learnt how to hold a position. In netball we have been practicing shooting. In addition, lots of boys are practicing at break.


In Mrs Berry’s maths group we have done percentages we do it like this; 30% of 20 first you must find 10% so 10% of 20 is 2 then you times it by three so 30% of 20 = 6 . In Mrs Clifford’s maths group they have been learning about perimeters. In Miss McCluskey’s maths group they have done adding fractions.

By Archie Will Jack



Week beginning 31-10-16

It’s the first week back after half term and in year 6 we’ve done a reading test (which was OK) and we have mastered fractions in Mrs Berry’s maths group. The entries for our autumn art competition were all brilliant and everyone spent lots of time on them. We have a wonderful display in the corridor which looks fabulous. There is also an exhibition in the Harpenden public hall of all the schools winners. In year 6 the winners of the competition were: Dillon from Acer, Rosie and Josh from Redwood and Lucy from Elder.   We are all practising our 2 minute talks about Speed, Steam and Smoke. We will perform them on Monday the 7th of November.

Sophia & Toby


In Year 6 we have been learning about…


In R.E we have been learning about the story of Buddha. We learnt that Siddhartha was a wealthy Prince who left the Palace to teach poor people how to live life. He chose to do this after seeing four sights these were a man dead, old man, a man with nothing but a bowl and a wounded man.


In Science we have been learning about light and dark. We have learned about how shadows are created and if light can bend. When the sun is directly over the object it is a small shadow and when it is far away or low the shadow is long. Also, we have been learning about what reflects light well.

Year 6 Bloggers



Redwood class blog wb 10.10.16

This week in PE we have been doing football with Mr Berry. On Monday, we worked on mirroring our partner which would help us with our defending skills. After that, we had girls on one pitch and boys on another playing matches preparing for the Inter House tournament on Thursday. On Thursday, we went out and split into our houses ready for the games. On Thursday, we would normally be doing gym but due to the basketball tournament, Mr Berry decided to move it to Thursday to give everybody a chance to participate. In the games, the level was high to show the outcome of our football unit.

By Zach Marsh

In RE we are learning about the differences between Christianity   and Buddhism. On the11th of October we were learning about the Ten Commandments and the Five Precepts. Some of the Ten Commandments are You are not allowed to say God in a rude way and you must never steal. Some of the Five Precepts are killing people and never lie.

By Ben S

This week in English, we completed newspaper report plans on the Thames Tunnel. We did some research about the Thames Tunnel on the laptops and mainly searched about the collapse of the Tunnel. We also worked on Isambard Kingdom Brunel [the builder of the tunnel.]We have been looking at snappy sentence starters to do with the tunnel or Isambard Brunel.

This week’s spellings word pattern is cious. These are some of the words we did vicious, delicious and malicious. As well as that, we looked at a SPAG maps and made our own posters about what we know and what we should know. The class worked in groups of four; we worked really well in a group!

By Darcy and Lauren W


This week in in our maths books we have been doing some long division! Some of us found it quite hard! We also looked at some word problems; we didn’t have to solve them but underline the important information and work out which number operation to use. Kung Fu Maths was a fun start to this lesson!

On Thursday, we played our favourite maths game which is Countdown numbers! We then had to do a Maths investigation all about chocolate  and fruit bars! We are both looking forward to our arithmetic test tomorrow and hope to beat our score from last week!

Ashlea and Tassia

This week in Mrs Berry’s maths group, we have been doing some revision on adding fractions. At the beginning of this week most of our group were struggling with fractions, but thanks to Mrs Berry’s fabulous teaching, we have learnt an amazing new method of adding them. Midway through the week, our maths group came up with some adding rules and that helped a lot. As we went further into the week, we added more rules to our list and had harder fractions to add. By the end of the week we were adding mixed numbers with different numerators and to make things even better, most of us got a new personal best in our torture test!

William B


This week in Topic we have been looking at Navvies relating to our topic on the Industrial Revolution. Our task was to write a diary entry from the point of view of a navvy. We had to include information on what a Navvy did and what was their lifestyle. We had to answer questions in our writing too such as ‘why did the Navvies have a bad reputation?’ and ‘was it an easy job? ’.

If we did not want to write a diary entry, then we were allowed to write a newspaper report on Navvies as we have been working hard on writing newspaper reports for the last few weeks. We have definitely enjoyed this week’s Topic and we are all looking forward to next week’s lesson!

By Rosie S


Working hard in English ……………….







Fit for 15 in classroom due to torrential rain!






Gunnersauraus in Redwood!

Acer Blog


In P.E this week we have been making routines up and performing them in front of our class. Then we improved them by adding equipment. We are starting a new project in music, which involves using different instruments.

In English and history we have been learning about Marc Brunel and his son’s tunnel underneath the Thames. Following this we have also been hot seating.

In PSHE we did goals for our class and we also played a treasure chest game.

In maths we have been doing tests to tell what we can do.

This week’s head teacher’s awards have been given to Emily J for her great focus and good responses in guided reading and Dillon B also got one for brilliant hot seating.

By Caitlin M and Dillon B.


Year 6 Blog 30-09-16

In year 6 we have been learning how to write a newspaper report. The students have been able to choose between the following subjects; the steam engine, 15 minutes 4 fit and Roald Dahl week. The majority of students chose to write on 15 minutes 4 fit.

In maths we have been learning about adding decimals and whole numbers and dividing decimals. In Mrs Berry’s group we have also been doing torcher tests once a week.

In history we have been learning about Navvies and how they have to dig out hills to build train tracks. We have also been writing diary entries on the life of a Navvy.

In PE we have tested our stamina by running round the field five times. In addition to that we have tried to improve are reaction times by starting in different positions.




This term in P.E we are doing athletics and cricket. In athletics we have been practising our running techniques for the three stages of a race. At the start of the race we would jog. After that we would sprint. Finally at the end we would take long strides. We have learnt that when we jog we don’t go as quick as when we sprint. We have learnt that when we sprint we move our feet really quickly and use our arms. When we do long strides we take longer steps and try not to touch the ground as much.

By Sam P



This week year six wrote a non-chronological report about the Mayans. We wrote about the culture of the Mayans; the food they eat; their calendar; their religion; the astronomy and the maths they did. As well as writing about the Mayans, we have also learnt a lot of interesting facts about the Mayans. Year six has worked hard to write a non–chronological report about the Mayans.

By Tom BW



In R.E. we have been exploring techniques and discussing the meaning of ‘The Yellow Christ’ by Paul Gauguin. We have been given the challenge to recreate his painting in our own way.  We found that he had set the picture in his own time which triggered questions. You can view some of our pictures below.

By Connor C

Dominique's work

Kirsten's work 3Grace's Work 3



Redwood Blog wb 18.04.16


This week we have done a wide variety of English lessons. They include: our Mayan non-chronological report, using the active and passive voice and spellings. When we started learning the active and passive voice, we all found it quite complicated but now we can do it easily! As a class, we are getting better at including lots of detail in our writing (adjectives, adverbs, frontal adverbials, complex sentences etc) I have enjoyed English this week and I can’t wait to find out what lessons we have next!

By Oliver M


During Miss McCluskey’s maths group this week, we have been solving missing number problems and rounding numbers. To round numbers we used a helpful rule 0-4 goes down the line 5-9 goes up the line. From 2-digit to 6-digit numbers we rounded to the nearest: 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000.

For the missing number problems, we used BODMAS (brackets of division, multiplication, addition and subtraction) and the inverse. Although we couldn’t always find the most efficient method, we sometimes had to approach the question differently.   No formal written methods were used to solve number sentences.

By Alyson


It has been a busy week in maths. We have studied word problems, adding fractions and learning to find 5 and 10 per cent of a number. This work is helping us lead up to SATS. Although some children find maths tricky, Mrs Harrison does all she can to help us all. It was fun having Mrs Gillies this week but we all still missed Mrs Harrison! The group tried really hard in the Arithmetic test today and I really hope to beat last week’s score.

By George R


On Wednesday 20th April 2016, Redwood had a geography lesson. We were given an atlas and a map of Central America. Using the atlas’s, we worked out where each country was and coloured them all in different colours. On the corner of the page we wrote a key of which country was which colour. Some of the countries we coloured in were: Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica and Panama. We had a great geography lesson.

By Grace B


This week in French we have been looking at transport and places. Everybody had a go at having a conversation in French and a partner would respond. Phrases were used including: Ou vas tu? (Where are you going), je vais a la piscine and many more. We all got worksheets about a theme park but there was a twist. It was written in French! Working out what the words meant was a bit tricky but we got the hang of it. The next task involved finishing the French sentences with a variety of vocabulary. Overall, we have all learnt a lot during this lesson.

By Rachel L


In Science this week, Redwood class have been looking at all the Kingdoms of species. There are 5 kingdoms which are: Kingdom Monera, Kingdom Funghi, Kingdom Animalia, Kingdom Protoctista and Kingdom Plantae. In Pairs, we used a computer to search on The Zone for Kingdom  of Species.

After we had researched our findings, we presented it in a colourful and attractive way! Many different species from all over the world are sorted into 5 categories (5 kingdoms). Most species have many celled organisims but a few species have have singular celled organisms. Some species, like Kingdom Funghi, can produce their own food. The number of species in Kingdom Monera is unknown but the location is everywhere. In the lesson, we developed our researching and presenting skills.

By Luca P and Jamie B


On Tuesday, our class had our first PE lesson after the Easter Holiday. When we have PE , we all have fun because everyone enjoys the topic.

On this occasion, our class were practising throwing. We all got into 5 groups of 5 and each threw a small plastic hoop, a javelin and a foam whistle thrower! Finally, for the best bit , we walked onto the field  in our groups to throw a heavy disc! The lesson was amazing and we all had fun.

In the Thursday PE session, a man came to teach us all about cricket. He was from a company called Chance to Shine. Firstly he told us all about throwing and different ways of catching the ball. After that we all got into a match. Everyone played their best and both teams did really well. There were some brilliant shots and great sportsmanship. I really enjoyed the PE lesson and can’t wait for the next one!

By Tom P and Jordon P






July 21 2017

Year 4 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

Summer Term 2017

Year 4 Blog


Year 4 End of Term Blog




This week, year 4 have been rehearsing their Cuffley assembly, and have made lots of progress. On Wednesday we did our dress rehearsal to the school, it was a smash! On Tuesday, in the morning, a tennis coach came in from Batchwood and taught us some skills, and we all learnt a lot. Later that day, year 4 had an inter house turbo cricket tournament, all afternoon.

This Thursday was our last swimming session so we had a play swim, everyone has had lots of fun and made a lot of progress.

This week we have been learning about puberty in PSHE.  In spellings this week we have been learning about the spelling rule ‘I before e except after c’ when  the sound is ‘ee’.

We also watched the Year 6 leavers production ‘Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits’.   It was AMAZING and it looked so much fun. The songs, acting and jokes were a  hit on the show.

By Emily and Jennifer (Linden)


This week we have raised money for Cancer Research by doing our own Race For Life.  We had to run round the field as many times as you could in half an hour.  There was music and drinks and we all had a sticker to remember how many laps we did.  Every year there is a colour you have to wear and this year it was blue.  In Year 4 we tried really hard and we enjoyed ourselves no matter how many laps we did.  After the running we came in and were allowed to relax.

In maths we learned different times tables and also did rounding to 100 and division.  We danced to our times tables.   We were converting fractions into decimals and then the decimals into fractions.  We enjoyed maths this week.

In science we were learning about sound and used something called a Log Box Tracker.  This recorded sound, light and heat.  We learned that the volume in the classroom when it was silent was 56 db.

We have started learning about the election and made a booklet.  We had sheets about things that the parties say and do and then we talked about it.  After that we wrote in the booklet.  We also watched clips about what the politicians in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales would do if they were Prime Minister.

In PE we practised tennis and ping pong in swimming we practised front crawl and back stroke.  We had to swim two lengths front crawl; two lengths back stroke, two lengths breast stroke and two of your own choice.

We have liked this week because we really enjoyed Race for Life.

Samuel Chidawa and Robbie Pitcher



Week beginning:  05-05-17

Last week one of our Learning Logs tasks was to go to the bluebell woods and either take photos or make a collage or some other art work. As part of Citizenship they were also asked to chart their sightings on the Woodland Trust website.

We thought you might like to see some of the photographs.


Week beginning:  13-03-17


Recently in maths we have been focusing on bar charts about chocolate, school uniforms, ice cream and more. We have also been focusing on our times tables. Not only that, but we have also been doing different types of bar charts such as a pictogram and a line chart. We have played many games on the whiteboard which have helped us so much with our bar charts and times tables.

In science we have been learning about electricity and how they discovered electricity. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity? At the minute, in science we are doing the digestive system. Inside of the digestive system it starts to go down your oesophagus down into the stomach then through the duodenum and into the ileum and then into the colon and last, but not least into the anus.

In our learning log homework, we have learnt about the fearsome Anglo Saxon’s and their homes. In our books we have designed our very own Anglo Saxon village with livestock, food, ponds and even houses.

Matthew H


In music we have been learning our songs for our year 4 play. The captains were learning their dance and the fishes were learning their dance.


In history we have been learning about Anglo Saxons we drew an Anglo Saxon village and we did a bit of geography about where the Anglo Saxons invaded


We have been learning about the effects of smoking and how smoking is bad for your health. We had to write a fact about smoking then we asked other people in the class for more facts.

Oscar Q

Wb 03.03.17

MATHS: Year 4 received a letter from a clothing company and we have to re measure the children to see if the company’s clothes sizes were right.  We measured everybody; their length, neck, waist, hips, inside leg.  This helped us to learn to measure accurately using centimetres and metres.  It was a very fun activity.

ENGLISH: We have been doing ‘explanation texts’.  These explain how to do something like; fly a hot air balloon, how to make a sandwich.  We watched Wallace and Gromit and their’ Snoozatron’ and we wrote about how it worked.

PSHE: Our topic is “ Healthy Me.”   First we played a game to think of a sporty activity beginning with the same letter as our name, like Gymnastic George, Olympic Olivia, Running Robby and Jumping Jessica.  Next we are going to write about our friendships.

School Play: We are doing the story of Jonah and the Whale.  We have learned and listened to all the songs.  We have been writing ideas about props, scripts and backdrops.

Swimming: this week we have been doing front crawl and swam lots of lengths.

We have really enjoyed Maths this week because it was fun and it’s good to know how to measure things.

Olivia and George (Linden)

wb 30-01-17

This week in Year 4 we have been learning about writing a fantasy story in English.  We have learned how to add lots of description and adverbs to make the story more interesting.

In Maths we have been learning about ‘chunking’  and dividing.  The’chunking’ really  helps  to work out the answers.   We have used the times tables grids and bead strings which has also helped a lot.  We played a ‘chunking champion’ game and a bingo game which really helped us to understand.

In Science we learned about electricity.  At the beginning, we learned the symbols for different things eg   battery, buzzer.   Afterwards we learned how to create light and what you needed to do.

We really enjoyed PE.  We played a team game in Houses using netball skills.  It was great fun.

In swimming we were practising front crawl and at the end we jumped in using different techniques.  One technique was called a ‘choo choo train’

Amelie and Farrah – Linden


Wb 27-01-17


This week we learnt about decimal points. We got put into groups of two or three. Then we rolled a dice twice and saw what number we got. For example if we rolled a five and a three we would get eight then we would look on a sheet and see what we had to do. We had lots of fun doing it.


On Thursday Mrs Rigarlsford taught us a very interesting English lesson. (Mrs Reynolds did the modelling.) It was all about making a story plan about a picture from The Daydream Dragon. We wrote our story plan using the picture of The Daydream Dragon to help us if we were stuck. Everybody enjoyed it a lot.


For our homework we had three choices: for Maths we could make a clock, for English/History we could write a script about Mr Benn in an Anglo – Saxon village and for English we could write homophone jokes or riddles. Most people did the clock because it was very creative.


In History we are learning about the Anglo – Saxons and how they lived. On Thursday we made a poster that was going to attract people to have an Anglo – Saxon job. For example : BLACKSMITH NEEDED , WILL GET PAYED GOOD MONEY. We had to draw a picture with it.

Thank you for reading our Year 4 Blog

We hope you enjoyed it!

wb 16-01-17


On Tuesday the school choir went to the 02 arena in London. We were lucky enough to be part of Young Voices. The choir learnt a range of exiting songs throughout the summer; Five Guys Named Mo, Pop Medley and finally You’re the Voice. Along with all of these songs we had dance moves too. We did a lot of waiting around!

10:30 we left school and travelled to the 02

12:30 we arrived and ate packed lunch.

2:15 rehearsal started

5:00 rehearsal ended, we eat packed tea

7:00 concert started

9:15 concert ended

11:15 arrived back at school


In spellings we were doing homophones which are words that sound the same but are spelt different e.g. knight and night, knot and not and brake and break.

Some children wrote different homophones on pieces of paper and hung them on the wall.

We also discussed zero tolerance words; the teachers have had enough of us spelling these rather easy words wrong e.g.

What – often spelt wot

When – often spelt wen


In maths we are doing sequencing and doubling decimals. On Friday, we played a game where you had to create the largest or smallest number including decimals. We also converted them into percentages. Did you know a decimal means ten?


In PSHE we have a new topic, dreams and goals.

On Friday, we looked at the possibility of not all dreams coming true.

However you can try to achieve steps towards it.


We have been trying to keep the consistency of our handwriting the same. We have been looking at joining double letters up.


We have been looking at the Neil Gaiman book instructions. We have changed his words into our own. We also highlighted words we found interesting.


In Science this week we have been learning about electricity. Some children have brought in electronic toys like a remote control tractor and a Hatchimal. Some electric devices need charging and batteries but some only need one e.g. Hatchimal, RC tractor and little live pet.

I hope you enjoyed what we have done this week!


By Holly, Naomi and Jessica at Grove blogs



In English, we have been learning about Mr Benn (a cartoon character).  On Monday we had our English books and we went through a part of Mr Benn and the teacher would tell us a question about the part of the cartoon and we would write the answer of what we thought. The first question was how did the story start: The second question was how did he enter the imaginary world? We have watched 4 episodes of Mr Benn:  the Red Knight number one, the Hunter number two, and the Cavemen number three, and finally the Pirate Ship number four.  For the next few days we also wrote a plan of Mr Benn episode two the Hunter Outfit. On the plan it asks us some questions and we would answer the question like Monday. Instead of writing notes we had to write sentence. On Friday we didn’t learn about Mr Benn we did some hand writing, we wrote our ys , ly, ily and ity .



In maths we have been looking at time.  Each day we learnt something new about time.  We looked at digital time first which took time to get our heads around.


Autumn Term 2016

Year 4 Blog

Cedar’s blog  we 18.11.16

In Cedar we’ve been making an anti-bullying super hero. The hero stopped bullying. As well we wrote a story on a comic strip.

Eve did our fit for 15 this week.  It was a great session.  We went in groups round a circuit I scored 5 baskets. We did football, basketball, throwing and catching and throwing the ball over the cone. We all had a lot of fun it was a great time because we all got fit. Thanks Eve.

At swimming it was front crawl week we all did great it was some good swimming in middle group. In the middle we did this one person would hold on to the legs of the front person while they would swim with their arms then the back person would kick.  We all had a good time except Roselyn because she broke her finger and she’s in a special hospital in London.  All of cedar class hope that Roslyn gets better. At swimming the boys got dressed in their fastest time ever. The boys in Cedar class always beat the girls!

In art we have drawing a picture of a soldier looking at a graveyard or some poppies.

Jack and Jack




In maths, at the stat of the week, we used number bugs as a new resource, to help us with our times tables. Near to the end of the week, we started a times table booklet.  Most of us got up to our nine times tables but some of us reached the end.


In English we were learning about the key features of a report, ready to write our report about Howard Carter who we were learning about in history too. We had so much fun doing all the fun activities about his great discovery finding the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the kings which is in Egypt. Our finished results were absolutely brilliant.


In Science we have been learning the states of matter by drawing the water cycle and carrying out investigations in them.  We were melting chocolate, wax crayons, wax and ice . We were learning about how different substances change in different times and why they do.

Magnolia Bloggers




In science we have been looking at water and it changing temperature. We did an experiment with different water: Red cup = hot, Yellow = warm, Green = room temperature, Blue = iced water. Every 5 minutes we read the reading of the thermometers in the cups. Then we left them over night and all the water temperatures changed  to 15 degrees (room temperature).


We have been continuing to collect ideas for our non-fiction reports about Howard Carter, The Egyptologist. Everyone has decided how to layout their text and pictures. Next week we are going to write the real report.


In history we completed time lines based on the Egyptians. We also completed 7 questions to do with when things happened.


We played a game where we picked a card which had numbers 1-9 then we tossed coin heads = x2 tales = x4 out then we work out the answers and copy into our books with all the different ways of doing the sum.

Special Visitors!!

On Tuesday 11th October the Arsenal Ladies Manager, a coach and the Arsenal mascot came to the school the mascot was a ‘Gunnersaurous ‘called ‘Gunner ‘who was very popular and walked through all the classrooms.


By Martha and James


Year 4 blog



This week year 4 have been learning about Howard Carter and the discovery of Tutankhamen. Howard Carter is an archaeologist and he found Tutankhamen’s tomb. We were focusing on the treasures of the tomb .It was really fun to find out about.


This week in maths we have been learning about metal maths and metal strategies. For example : try and work out the missing number.

Addition Subtraction

4+  =10




This week in science we have been looking at liquids. We found out that liquids take the shape of their container. The kind of liquids that we had were  ketchup ,fruit juice, water, hair gel and soap.

2 minute talks:

We all have prepared a 2 min talk for the last  2 weeks. We also created a mind map of people’s ideas like breathing exercises, reading a book, stroking a pet, watching TV and a special toy. Everybody did an amazing 2 min talk everyone was quite nervous but they all really enjoyed it.


By Freya Snell and Roselyn Deeley


Wb 7.3.16

In year 4 this week we have been learning about perimeter and area in maths. We used lego to investigate. This helped us to understand that perimeter is the distance all the way around and area is the space taken up in the middle of the shape. (GH and FS)

In science we are enjoying learning about digestion. For homework, lots of people made creative posters which show what the digestive system looks like. (BW)

We have been investigating and writing explanation texts for a few weeks. This week we finished this unit off by designing a machine to catch a star and writing about the machines. We know how to use causal connectives like: When you pull the lever, the net shoots out, or If you push the red button, the engine starts to rumble. We are trying to remember to indent our paragraphs. Our favourite machines have been the chapatti machine and the tidy your bedroom machine.

On Wednesday afternoon all of the year 4 classes joined together to rehearse the songs for our Easter performance. We have enjoyed coming up with actions to go with the song. We look forward to performing the songs for you all.


Wb 22.2.16

Lots of good things that happened in year four this week. In English we have been learning all about explanation texts and have used a fun poem about a chapati making machine. We have had to design one of our own and explain how all the levers knobs and other functions work. It was great fun.

In Maths we have been learning to convert measures using capacity. We learned that if you want to convert from a larger unit to a smaller unit you need to multiply and if you want to convert from a smaller unit to a larger unit you need to we have had a go at making Harry Potter potions and learning to measure accurately and estimate and downs and then convert. It’s been good good fun. Some of us have even made mock tales learning to work out how much liquid you would need for two people, for people, six people and more so that we can see measuring of liquid being used in real life.

In Geography we have been we have been learning facts about the upper middle and lower course of a river.

In swimming, Millie our main instructor, is really thrilled because some classes no longer have anyone swimming in the shallow end and she says everybody is doing brilliantly.

Wb 8.2.16

This week in year 4 we all went on an exciting trip to Affinity water. We learned all about the water cycle, river pollution, how water is cleaned in the treatment works and we also pretended to be planners and decided where to build houses, hospitals, factories and farms near a river. It was such fun!

We have also learned a lot about multiplication methods and the bus stop method for division in maths. In English we wrote our own Story from another culture. They were really good!

In PE we have been creating gym sequences individually including rolls and bridges. After we used the apparatus for our sequences.

We are all really tired after a busy half term and are looking forward to a good rest!

Wb 1.2.16

In English we have been learning about stories from other cultures. We have been learning about a girl from Mali called Adonjon who is three years old. She and her mum have to collect water from a well every day.

In maths we have been learning about subtraction methods. We have two methods of subtraction

1. Mental

2. Column subtraction

In topic we have been learning about rivers   and how they start and end. The first step of the river is the upper course which leads into the middle course that leads into the lower course.

In science we have been learning about electricity and how it works.  We have made circuits and tested other materials and seen if the electricity can get through.

Thank you for reading our blog.

By Holly and Caitlin.

Wb 28.1.16

This week in Maths we have been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10, including decimals.  In English we have been looking at stories from other cultures.   We particularly enjoyed the story called The Catch and trying to use adverbial phrases in our sentences ( ask us what they are!)   We have also been printing and designing our own Rangoli patterns. This was great fun, rolling the roller in the ink until it became ‘tacky’.  We all made our own designs on paper and then traced it and sellotaped  it on some Styrofoam where we went over it with pencil.   We had to make sure that the pencil didn’t go through the Styrofoam.  Afterwards we rolled over the pattern with ink and made our design onto large pieces of paper.  They look really impressive!

This week those of us in the school choir went to Young Voices at the O2.  We met lots of people from other schools.  There were more than seven thousand, children singing.   All the children sang the same songs that we have been learning in choir and in assemblies for months! We had a fantastic time singing and performing the songs and didn’t get home until after 11 o clock.  We sang a song called Hyper with a singer called Tom Billington and with Laura Bright (she sang the World in Union at the Rugby World Cup and is a rubgy player herself!)

British Values Week – Year 4

In Year 4 we had lots of fun in British values week.   We learned a lot about debating, the constitution, democracy and the suffragettes.   We were also very intrigued about the British history and we had a really fun homework linking with individual liberty.

To help us to learn democracy we made bunting, posters and had a debate about extending the school day by 2 hours and 15 minutes.  We also dressed up in clothes we wear out of school for hobbies to show our personality and individual liberty.

The homework we had was to present our name in any way we chose.   It was really fun seeing everybody else’s family history. We researched and found out a lot of information about our first and second names.

Our favourite activities and lessons were learning about democracy and the suffragettes.   We also really enjoyed debating as we had never done this before.  By the end of the week we had every detail about the five British values;


Rule of law

Individual liberty

Mutual respect

Acceptance and tolerance of those with other faiths and beliefs

We had loads of fun in British values week and it has made us think a lot deeper into being British.

Georgia and Eva

(Having fun in British Values Week.)

July 21 2017

Year 3 Blog

Giuseppe Loporchio

Summer Term 2017


End of year blog Year 3


wb:  30-06-17

In English we have been focussing on rhyme and rhythm in our Cautionary tales. We have written some lovely tales as warnings to the year 2 children.

In maths we have investigated rounding challenges and fractions. We have used different objects such as hats, dancing children and fishes to find fractions.

In art we have completed our detailed sketches of flowers, magnifying one part to clearly show our observational drawings in detail.

In science we have learnt about the reproductive organs in flowers. We were amazed to find out that flowers have both male and female organs and that with less bees, we may lose species of plants.

In geography, we have been learning about the rivers and mountains of the UK and where they are. We were even able to make a 3d model of our maps.



Please click on the link below:

23.06.2017 Year 3 Blog




Spring Term Year 3 blogs


In English, we practised our poems for the poetry recital.  We discussed tips in delivery, actions, movement and props.  The performances were brilliant.  Some children used some fantastic props and actions.  We then voted for our favourites to put forward to the year group entries.

In Maths, we had to solve some problems by working out the clues to find hidden Easter eggs.  We were very successful!

In Design and Technology we have researched and compared different types of boxes including their material and purpose.  We have linked this to English and our Magic Box poems.  We then made 3D cubes and cuboids.  We had to measure and calculate the lengths of wood needed from the amount we were given.  We had to saw the wood accurately.  Then we had to use a glue gun to glue the structure together.

In History, we went to Celtic Harmony where we took part in warrior face painting and making headbands.  We also took part in archery, weaving, warrior training before taking part in a quest.  We were awarded some gold Celtic coins for our behaviour, teamwork and knowledge.  Our school had managed to collect more coins than any other school this year!

Happy Easter from all Year 3 Bloggers


Year 3 blog Shakespeare Week

In English, we read a variety of Shakespeare books during independent reading sessions.  We the created Shakespearian style insults starting with ‘Thou art…’ One of our favourites was, thou art a pernicious, fat kidneyed micreant!   We also performed Macbeth.  We were able to play more than one part and several times.  We delivered famous Shakespeare quotes and discussed their meaning which was fantastic.


“Out damned spot,” says Lady Macbeth as she holds her hand away from her.

In Maths, we have been learning to tell the time particularly, understanding the difference between ‘to and past’ the hour using an analogue clock.  We played time games and had to answer tricky worded questions.  We also read the time on digital clocks.

In P.E.  We learned the new game of ‘turbo cricket’ this week, which improves our bating accuracy and running between the wickets in pairs.

In History and Art, we looked at some of the jewellery worn by people in the Iron Age.  We sketched some of the necklaces before creating our own ‘torc’ using pasta, string and straws.

Year 3 Bloggers

Week beginning 13-03-17

In English, we have been learning how to write a chronological recount.  We read and identify the features using biographies of Usain Bolt, Helen Keller, JK Rowling and Roald Dahl.

In Maths, we have recognised right-angles, obtuse and acute angles as being less than or greater than a right-angle.  We have been using directional language to turn 90 degrees.

In P.E. we started country dancing which was great fun and we had to use our knowledge of directions too!  We have been bowling in cricket.  Some of us are pretty good.

In History, we are writing a biography of Boudicca.  She was the leader of the Iceni tribe who bravely fought the Romans.  Apparently she is buried under platform 8 at Kings Cross Station in London.

In Science this week, we were introduced to Boney Bob, who is a life size skeleton, to learn about the skeletons of humans and animals.

Year 3 Bloggers


Week beginning 06-03-17

In English, we have written a story focussing on the emotions felt by the main character, a little fisherman.  We watch the silent film, then planned the main parts before we wrote the stories.

In Maths, we generated some questions around the theme of a healthy lifestyle, linked to Science, Computing, and P.E.  We collected data, collect this in a frequency chart and then presented it in a bar graph.  After, we then attempted to interpret the data.

In P.E. we have been developing our skills in SAQ activities which are speed and agility.

In History, we looked at jewellery worn by people in the Iron Age.  Then we made our ‘torc’, using pasta shapes, string, card and paint.  We are also writing a fact file about what we have researched.

In Science this week, we drew and labelled our favourite meal.  We then identified which food group each item belonged to.

In Music, we are finishing our Dagda compositions.  We have enjoyed learning about the beliefs of early settlers, through music.

Year 3 Bloggers



wb 23/01/17


This week we have created Wanted posters describing a fairy tale villain and Lost posters describing a good fairy tale character.  We have enjoyed reading and listening to the descriptions.  We also had great fun playing a fairy tale game with dice, creating short stories using some of the features and themes of fairy tales.

We have been learning all about fractions this week in Maths.  We have compared, ordered and found equivalent fractions using a fraction wall to help.  We have decided that we love fractions too!

We planned and carried out an investigation into friction using ramps and cars in Science.  It was jolly fun and required some careful questioning of our team members.  Some of our predictions turned out to be wrong!

In ICT we have continued our unit about presenting and are beginning to plan our work.

In P.E. we have been developing our passing skills and techniques.  We know that if we keep moving then we don’t feel the cold as much!  SAQ.   We were focussing on our running techniques and speed.

In History, biscuits and Stonehenge are not often used together but they have been this week!  We looked deeper at buildings from the past to help us understand the beliefs and customs of early settlers.

Roll on next week.

Year 3 Bloggers


wb 16/01/17

In English this week we have been learning about fairy tales. There are common themes between all fairy tales for example, most fairy tales begin with once upon a time and have a repetition or 3 elements.

In maths this week we have been learning the chunking method. This is a new method for us and we are proud of what we have achieved. Some of us even achieved a 4 digit division. Wow!

In ICT we have been looking at different camera angles so we can understand how to make a film. We are doing this so we can make our own films and be directors. Oliver can’t wait to be like Steven Spielberg.

In P.E. we have been learning about tag rugby and SAQ. We were focussing on our running style. We didn’t want to keep running like elephants or chickens.

In guided reading, we have been learning about playscripts and performing them as groups.

Year 3 Bloggers


Year 3 blog – 17/1/17

We have had a fantastic start to the new year. We are really excited about our new units of learning in science, literacy and particularly multiplication and division in maths.

In English, we watched a silent film and decided it would be a great idea to write a playscript for it. We acted the film out, created the playscripts and then performed these to the class. Next week we will be learning about fairytales.

In maths we have been learning about multiplication and we even got as far as learning the grid method for multiplication. We can now multiply any 2 digit number by a one digit number.

In science, we began our learning about forces, magnets and springs. We demonstrated the forces of push, pull and twist and looked at where these occur in the real world and everyday life.

In R.E. we were learning about the main events of the life of Jesus.

In P.E. we finished our lessons on gymnastics which have been great fun and we are looking forward to moving on to speed, agility and quickness.

In ICT we began learning about how research is done and we created our own questionnaires and research ideas.

Year 3 bloggers.

Autumn Term 2016

Year 3 Blog

Christmas around the world

In English, we have learnt how to read, write and perform our playscripts. We have had a great time using stage directions to deliver lines and add to the performance.

In maths we have created, identified and changed 3d shapes using playdough. We had a fantastic time and were really excited about solving the Christmas pudding mystery by deciphering codes and gathering information from tables.

For our learning logs, we investigated how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

The highlight of the last two weeks has been our fantastic play: Christmas around the world. We really enjoyed the dancing, singing, rehearsing, laughing and writing. We even got to make the props and share our ideas.

Ellie, Adam and Tilly


This week in English we were writing Instructions for the iron/ Stone Age salad, we had an introduction, ingredient, equipment and a method. We used time conjunctions. Some of us did tip boxes.

By Ellie, Ella and Adam


This week in maths we were doing 3D shapes we did a sheet, you had to name the shape and answer the question.

By Ellie, Ella and Adam.

Guided reading

In guided reading we have been learning and reading play scripts. In group E we had one called Murder Mystery Weekend.

By Adam

Apple Blog wb 21-11-16

This week in spellings we have been doing homophones.  Homophones are when a word sounds the same but are not spelt the same, for example knight and night and there and their.  They have different meanings too.

In RE we have been talking about why Angels are important.  e.g.They send important messages from God.

Angels told Mary she was going to give birth to Jesus.

Plus Angels told Muhamad (pbuh) that he was going to be one of Allah’s messengers.

In ICT, we made a sprite to draw a shape. We were first asked to copy a script for the sprite

to draw a circle. It was quite hard to figure out how to make different shapes but we did it.  A

donut is 123 degrees and a square. We changed the degrees.

By Adam, Ellie and Ella



we 18.11.16


This week in the whole school for P.S.H.E it was Anti-Bullying week! We made Anti- Bullying super         heroes, they were GREAT!!! We entered a competion and only one person will be chosen to be the winner! We dressed up at the end of the week!


In year 3, we have been trying to make an excellent game and were debugging programmes.

(On Scratch)

It was like pinball, but it was much harder to make.


In maths we are continuing Column subtraction. Some of us did a guide to subtraction.

By Ellie, Adam and Ella.



In RE we have been learning some of Allah’s 99 names.

We had to write a couple in our books and under it what it means.

Some meant he is always higher than us or that he is as bright as a light.

In ICT we have been trying to make the sprites draw shapes.

Some people made different shapes like squares.

By Ella in Apple


This week, year 3 in English wrote our own “I will take you to Mrs Cole” stories.  They were all fabulous! To make up our own we had to think about a new name instead of Mrs Cole, for example I will take you to Mrs Nobbelly or I will take you to Mr Robbins.

By Ellie in Apple


For maths, Apple has been doing column addition and subtraction. Our first step was without exchanging and second was with exchanging. It was tricky at first but we practiced and practiced!

Exchanging for subtraction is when you have your sum on the column method and if you had numbers that you couldn’t subtract 4 and 9 so you would take a ten and tern 4 into 14. Now you can subtract.

By Adam in Apple



Blog W/E 21.10.2016


We have been comparing the books by Michael Foreman by looking at the style of writing, theme and characters.  We have written descriptions using figurative language by thinking about our senses.  Some of the descriptions were very eerie indeed!


This week we were creating arrays and number sentences with their corresponding division sentences.  We learned that there are many patterns to discover.  We have investigated shapes that have different values which we had calculate by multiplying, to solve the problems.


We have started to plan our activities that we will carry out during Art Week.


We have drawn and described a terrible school using descriptive language linked to our English topic.


We have evaluated our Rocks and Soils unit and discussed what we could bring in to support our understanding in our next unit!


We are learning a song from Ghana which we will share with our global partners in Ghana while they will learn some British songs to share with us.


We have written positive descriptions of different types of Stone Age house similar to Estate Agents.  We have also written Job Adverts for people in the Stone Age.


We have performed our dance as a year group.  Mrs Hutson is very pleased with the final result. We played team games to show off our skills in outdoor PE.

Year 3 Bloggers


Blog W/E 07.10.2016


We have been writing letters from resources, complaining about how badly they are treated.  We offered suggestions which included similes and rhetorical questions.  We have used emotive language and expanded our vocabulary.


This week we were doubling and halving.  We learned that to double, you need to multiply by 2 and to halve; you have to divide by 2.  We then had to double a Roald Dahl revolting recipe using measurement in our answers.


We created hands showing what we know about Islam on one side and Christianity on the other.


We have created Stone Age Kennings as cave drawings.  We were able to apply our noun and verb knowledge to our kennings.  We presented them like graffiti!


We discussed what a terrible school would be like and what it would feel like to attend.  We were lucky because we all knew about the Trunchbull in the school Matilda attended!  We then wrote down who we could talk to if we needed to, on cards.


We have sorted, classified and identified different rocks.  We have discovered where and how rocks are formed.  We have discussed erosion and the effects on our coastline.


We were using instruments to try and play, The Hall of the Mountain King which we did quite well!


We have explored the clothing worn by people in the Stone Age from what was available and the tools used by them.


We have almost finished our dance and soon we will watch each other’s interpretation.  We are developing our chest passing skills in outdoor lessons.

In French, we have been greeting each other.  Sometimes Mrs Clarke calls the register in French, Hungarian, Romanian and Dutch.

Year 3 Bloggers


Blog W/E 16.09.2016

We had a great time celebrating Roald Dahl Week!


We wrote a description of what it must be like in The Inventing Room, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We used adjectives, expanded noun phrases and onomatopoeia.

We wrote a paragraph describing Mr Twit’s beard, using images of mouldy food for inspiration!

We created Wanted Poster for The Enormous Crocodile.  We had to know the crocodile quite well.


We measured Roald Dahl characters of different scales using mm, cm and m.

We also weighed mass, measuring in g and kg.  We made different size tortoises from vegetables inspired by Esio Trot.

We made disgusting medicines just like George, from George’s Marvellous Medicine and measured the capacity of each medicine in ml and l and noted the colour change which occurred

In addition, we had a celebrity guest called Jimmy.  He is 45 years old but doesn’t look it!  Thank you James and Mr Trew for bringing him in for a visit.


We discussed the similarities between Christianity and Islam.  It was very interesting and we found lots of similarities.


We completed our Cave Art drawings linked to three themes, human representation, animal and signs.  We have displayed them to look like a cave!


We gathered together and wrote what we would like to achieve on a medal.   We also wrote what we are proud of on a coin.


We dug for rocks!


We were using instruments to try and play, The Hall of the Mountain King which we did quite well!  Ava was awarded for showing a mature understanding of the musical terminology!




Year 3 Blog

Wb 29.2.16

In maths we have been learning equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting with the same denominator. We know that the top number is called the numerator, and the bottom one is called a denominator.

In English we have been learning about Fairy Tales. We have written a Mixed Up Fairy Tale.  It has been very enjoyable.

In Science we have been learning about magnets. This week we learned that if you put a paper clip in some water, then you have to put a magnet near the container for it to attract.

In PE we have been playing Tag Rugby. We have learned how to do a pendulum pass and a back pass, properly.

Wb 22.2.16

This week in English, we have been punctuating speech and writing in paragraphs to further develop our fairy tales.

In Maths this week, we solved puzzles using addition and subtraction with dominoes.

What two digit numbers can you make with a domino? How many different calculations can you make?

In Computing, we interviewed Fairy Tale characters using filming and editing techniques. In Art we have completed our watercolour paintings, ready to evaluate.


Wb 8.2.16


This week in English we have been learning about fairy tales and their common features. We have worked hard to develop our understanding of characters and setting the scene in order to write fairy tales of our own.


In Maths, we have revisited and applied our understanding of the formal written method of addition to solve problems.

Can you solve the following: Using all 28 dominoes, can you can you create 9 addition calculations. One calculation will contain 4 dominoes showing 2 digit numbers.

Here are some of our attempts but not possible solutions.


Can you find a solution at home?


This week in RE, we have been learning about the parable ‘The Good Samaritan.’ We watched some cartoons that explained the story and taught us about treating each other as equals.

In Computing as part of our Internet Safety day we have been writing raps about the importance of keeping your passwords safe.

We have worked to perform and record some of these using the school radio station which was great fun.

We hope you have a happy half term and we are looking forward to continuing our fairy tale project after half term.

Year 3 Lilac Bloggers.

Wb 1.2.16

This week in English we have been learning about fairy tales and their features. My favourite fairy tale was Jack and the Bean Stalk.

Samuel C

In Maths we have been developing our understanding of weights and measures. We have used scales and we have learnt to convert grams to kilograms and vice versa.  We played a conversion game. It was really fun.

See the link below so you can play.


We have also worked hard to develop and use a range of skills when using water colour paints. We all painted the view from our classroom window.

If you visit our Year 3 page, you will see some wonderful examples.

In addition we are all working hard to improve our handwriting, checking the consistency of size and joins.

Wb 25.1.16

In Art this week, we experimented with watercolours. We explored shade to match the picture we were recreating.

In History we looked at the different sources of evidence to help build a picture in understanding the past.

In Maths we used equipment to measure a variety of objects and parts of the classroom accurately. This included using a trundle wheel, metres sticks and rulers.

In English we used a visual stimulus to explore the effects of different sentence structures on the reader. In addition we have worked hard to develop our handwriting using cursive script.

In ICT we have worked as presenters to show how we have developed our ball skills in PE.

In R.E. we used an animation to help us understand the story of the Prodigal Son and retell the story.

Year 3 Bloggers.

Wb 18.1.16

In Maths, we have been learning the formal written method of subtraction using money and how to calculate change.  We have used different methods to self-assess our work.

In English we have been looking at poems: the most popular was, Who is de Girl? by John Agard.  A very funny poem indeed!

We have taken one step further by writing similes and metaphors about things we associate with being British.

In Science, we’ve been investigating different forces and friction. We learnt about how to plan a fair test and test a hypothesis that a particular material will have an effect on the distance a car will travel.

We’ve been looking at the six most popular religions in RE, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism.

In P.E, we’ve have discussed fair play and who and what is a good sport both as a winner and loser.

We have learnt that British values are taught each and every day.